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Write apps that help users live more present, healthy, and productive lives with Wear OS. With major improvements to the core experience and big changes to the platform, there’s a lot to be excited about.
As more people use smartwatches, there are more opportunities to feature your apps on smaller screens.
Building notifications, glanceable complications, and Tiles enables your users to easily get things done with your app and find the information they need.
Easily integrate the latest of Android development methods, with new Jetpack APIs and tools to streamline your development.

Getting Started

Get your first Wear OS app up and running with this step-by-step tutorial.
Learn about the fundamentals of Wear OS app design by understanding how complications, Tiles, and overlays fit together.
Learn about the key differences between Wear OS and mobile app development.

New Features

Compose for Wear OS is now available! Design your app with familiar UI components adapted for the watch. Compose for Wear OS is in developer preview, with new samples and documentation to help you get started. Try it out and share your feedback!
Tiles give users fast, predictable access to the information and actions they rely on most. We’ve now opened up Tiles for developers to bring the most relevant information from their apps directly into the carousel.
Watch Face Studio is a tool developed by Samsung that allows you to create watch face designs using intuitive graphic tools and without needing to code. The watch faces can be used on devices that run on Wear OS API level 28 and higher, regardless of manufacturer.

Learn more about Wear OS concepts.
Wear OS Guides
Discover the building blocks of a great app by learning how the different Wear OS user interfaces work together.
Wear OS Guides
An overlay can be accessed from the majority of app surfaces, such as complications, Tiles, ongoing activity indicators, and the launcher.
Wear OS Guides
With a quick swipe from the watch face, users can scroll through their Tiles to see information and actions from their favorite services.
Wear OS Guides
Learn how to supply text, images, and more directly to the user’s watch face.

Wear OS Design Guidelines

Material design for Wear OS helps you design engaging user experiences. We’ve revamped the user experience for Wear to be more intuitive, personal, and fluid. The updated design guidelines for Wear OS covers the Wear OS design systems, UI components, UX patterns, and styles.

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