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Brand guidelines

All creatives that include or reference Android or Google trademarks must be reviewed and fully approved by the Android Brand Approvals team. Below are relevant legal guidelines on how to display our trademarks. Use the Android and Google Play Brand Permissions Inquiry form to submit your marketing for review.


The following are guidelines for the Android brand and related assets.

Android in text

  • Android™ should have a trademark symbol the first time it appears in a creative.
  • Any use of the Android name needs to include this attribution in your communication:
    Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
  • Android should always be capitalized and is never plural or possessive.
  • “Android”, or anything confusingly similar to “Android”, cannot be used in names of applications or accessory products, including phones, tablets, TVs, speakers, headphones, watches, and other devices. Instead, use “for Android”.
  • Incorrect: “Android MediaPlayer” or “Ndroid MediaPlayer”
  • Correct: “MediaPlayer for Android”
  • “Android TV”, “Android Wear”, “Android Auto”, “Android Pay”, and “Android Things” may only be used to identify or market products or services with prior approval. Use “for Android” or “with Android” for all other Android-based products.
  • Incorrect: “Android TV Streaming Stick”, “Streaming Stick with Android TV”
  • Correct: “Streaming Stick with Android”
  • If used with your logo, “for Android” or “with Android” should be no larger than 90% of your logo’s size. The first instance of this use should be followed by a TM symbol: “for Android™”.
  • Android may be used as a descriptor in text, as long as it is followed by a proper generic term and is not the name of your product, app, or service. Think of “Android” as a term used in place of “the Android platform.”
  • Incorrect: “Android MediaPlayer” or “Android XYZ app”
  • Correct: “Android features” or “Android applications”

Android robot

The green Android robot can be reproduced and/or modified as long as the following Creative Commons attribution line is included in the creative:

“The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.”

The color value for print is PMS 376C and the online hex color is #A4C639. You may not file trademark applications for or claim trademark rights to the Android robot logo or any derivatives thereof. Google retains all trademark rights to the Android robot. We want to ensure that the Android robot remains available for all to use.

Android logo

The Android logo may not be used.

The custom typeface may not be used.

Google Play

If you need Google Play badges or guidelines, please visit the Google Play badge generator. For all other uses of the Google Play brand, please submit your request using the inquiry form below.

Visit badge generator

Marketing reviews and brand inquiries

Use the Android and Google Play Brand Permissions Inquiry form to submit any marketing reviews or brand inquires. Typical response time is at least one week.

Submit brand inquiry
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