Explore the Android development landscape. Learn about the latest release and review details of earlier releases. Discover the device ecosystem, modern Android development, and training courses.
Latest version
Get an early look at Android 15—the latest version of Android—available now for testing, development, and feedback!
Get set up, code Hello World, and go deeper with training courses that take you from beginner to advanced topics.
Learn to use responsive layouts that adapt to fit phones, tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices.
Add on-device machine learning features to your app to enable the latest processing capabilities for images, audio, and text.
Build multidevice experiences that delight your users with personal and communal experiences on all kinds of devices.
Modern Android
Simplify and accelerate UI development with the modern toolkit for building native UI. Develop your app using less code, more-powerful tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs.
Modern Android
Kotlin is beloved by many Android developers for its combination of simplicity and power. Now Kotlin development on Android is a first-class experience.

Developer stories

How developers are finding success with Android.
Due to a large file size, the number of organic installs was lower than the team had hoped for such a popular franchise. Google Play Instant to the rescue!
Learn how the Android engineers at Cuvva re-architected their app to use a unidirectional data flow and Jetpack Compose.
After seeing that their codebase's line count was growing 46% every year, Duolingo's Android developers found success in migrating from Java to Kotlin.