Google Play Console

Publish your apps and games with the Google Play Console and grow your business on Google Play. Benefit from features that help you improve your app’s quality, engage your audience, earn revenue, and more.

Success on Google Play starts with quality. The best apps and games have higher ratings, more installs, and more engagement. The Play Console lets you test and understand how your app is performing at every stage.
Success story

Cooking Craze used open beta testing to decrease crash rate by 21% and increase retention by 7%.

Cooking Craze by Big Fish Games

Iterate on your ideas and improve the quality of your apps and games before you launch, by gathering feedback from testers in internal, closed, and open tracks. You can also target each release track by country.
See the results of automated tests on your alpha and beta APKs run on popular, physical devices powered by Firebase Test Lab. Find out about any crashes, display and performance issues, and security vulnerabilities encountered.
Understand and improve your app's performance and quality. See metrics in the areas of stability, render time, battery use, startup times, and permissions. To aid debugging, crash data is linked to pre-launch reports.
Browse and analyze user reviews to find trends and themes that will help you improve your app or game. Reply to reviews to engage with your users. See how your replies affect your app's ratings.
When you’re ready to launch, the Play Console lets you publish your app and release updates with confidence. Use granular controls and distribution options, and have a complete view of your app’s data during and after release.
Success story

Wooga brings features to Android first with fast iteration on Google Play.

Track a release as it happens and see how your release is affecting your app's important metrics. Compare data against a previous release. Quickly halt your rollout if anything looks out of the ordinary.
Release updated apps and games to progressively larger percentages of your users so that you can catch missed issues. Halt and resume rollouts so you can find and fix issues.
Give your users a great experience on the widest range of devices. Search and filter and save search options, across rich device data for every Google-certified device.
Iterate quickly and test a version of your instant app with trusted users on a pre-release track. Once you've published your instant app, Google Play Instant enables people to experience your app from any link with a single tap, without needing to install it first.
When you’re ready to grow your audience and earn more revenue, the Play Console has tools to help. Understand how users find your app, run experiments on your store listing, compare your performance to apps in the same category, and launch ad campaigns. Tweak your pricing, manage your in-app products and your subscriptions, run promotions, and more.
Success story

Sudoku Quest installs increase 88% on Google Play using store listing experiments.

Sudoku Quest by HashCube

Find the store listing content that drives the most installs.
Create App campaigns to drive valuable app installs from Google Search, Play Store Search and recommendations, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.
Get reports on how well your app or game is acquiring users by channel and country with multiple breakdown and comparison options. See which channels drive retained users and buyers over time.
Request a translation for your app or game, in-app products, and ad campaigns from a qualified third-party translation service.
Find out more about your players, where they come from, how they progress through your game, purchase in-app products, and more.
See how your subscriptions are performing and make better decisions to grow your business. Understand and analyze total subscribers, revenue, retention, and churn across multiple dimensions.
Get quick access to your app’s statistics, get notifications for important updates, and reply to reviews.
Understand Google Play’s developer policies and deliver trusted apps to a global audience.
Visit the help center to learn how to use the Google Play Console and contact developer support.
Learn quickly about getting the most out of the Play Console, understanding Play Policies, and using best practices.
Tools and resources to help you prepare promotional assets for use in your marketing.