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public interface


implements RunnableFuture<V> ScheduledFuture<V>

Class Overview

A ScheduledFuture that is Runnable. Successful execution of the run method causes completion of the Future and allows access to its results.

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Public Methods
abstract boolean isPeriodic()
Returns true if this is a periodic task.
Inherited Methods
From interface java.util.concurrent.RunnableFuture
From interface java.lang.Runnable
From interface java.util.concurrent.Future
From interface java.util.concurrent.Delayed
From interface java.lang.Comparable

Public Methods

public abstract boolean isPeriodic ()

Added in API level 9

Returns true if this is a periodic task. A periodic task may re-run according to some schedule. A non-periodic task can be run only once.

boolean true if this task is periodic