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public class


extends AbstractInputMethodService.AbstractInputMethodSessionImpl
   ↳ android.inputmethodservice.AbstractInputMethodService.AbstractInputMethodSessionImpl
     ↳ android.inputmethodservice.InputMethodService.InputMethodSessionImpl

Class Overview

Concrete implementation of AbstractInputMethodService.AbstractInputMethodSessionImpl that provides all of the standard behavior for an input method session.


Public Constructors
Public Methods
void appPrivateCommand(String action, Bundle data)
void displayCompletions(CompletionInfo[] completions)
void finishInput()
void toggleSoftInput(int showFlags, int hideFlags)
void updateCursor(Rect newCursor)
void updateCursorAnchorInfo(CursorAnchorInfo info)
void updateExtractedText(int token, ExtractedText text)
void updateSelection(int oldSelStart, int oldSelEnd, int newSelStart, int newSelEnd, int candidatesStart, int candidatesEnd)
void viewClicked(boolean focusChanged)
Inherited Methods
From class android.inputmethodservice.AbstractInputMethodService.AbstractInputMethodSessionImpl
From class java.lang.Object
From interface android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodSession

Public Constructors

public InputMethodService.InputMethodSessionImpl ()

Added in API level 3

Public Methods

public void appPrivateCommand (String action, Bundle data)

Added in API level 3

Call InputMethodService.onAppPrivateCommand().

action String
data Bundle

public void displayCompletions (CompletionInfo[] completions)

Added in API level 3

Call InputMethodService.onDisplayCompletions().

completions CompletionInfo

public void finishInput ()

Added in API level 3

public void toggleSoftInput (int showFlags, int hideFlags)

Added in API level 3

showFlags int
hideFlags int

public void updateCursor (Rect newCursor)

Added in API level 3

Call InputMethodService.onUpdateCursor().

newCursor Rect

public void updateCursorAnchorInfo (CursorAnchorInfo info)

Added in API level 21

Call InputMethodService.onUpdateCursorAnchorInfo().

info CursorAnchorInfo

public void updateExtractedText (int token, ExtractedText text)

Added in API level 3

Call InputMethodService.onUpdateExtractedText().

token int
text ExtractedText

public void updateSelection (int oldSelStart, int oldSelEnd, int newSelStart, int newSelEnd, int candidatesStart, int candidatesEnd)

Added in API level 3

Call InputMethodService.onUpdateSelection().

oldSelStart int
oldSelEnd int
newSelStart int
newSelEnd int
candidatesStart int
candidatesEnd int

public void viewClicked (boolean focusChanged)

Added in API level 14

focusChanged boolean