Android Auto
Entertainment and services on your dashboard

Display and control your Android app in vehicles. Integrate your content with easy-to-use APIs and let Android Auto take care of the rest.

Extending Android to Cars
Android Auto brings the Android experience to cars with apps like Google Now and Maps.

When users connect their Android phones to compatible vehicles, Android Auto shows a standard interface that lets them start enabled apps and services. Android Auto locks the handheld device when connected, so drivers interact with Auto by using the vehicle's input controls, touch display, and voice.

Build for One Platform
Create apps with the Android APIs you're familiar with and extend them to cars with the Auto SDK.

Write your apps without having to worry about vehicle-specific hardware differences like screen resolution, software interfaces, knobs, and touch controls. Your users get the same experience on any compatible vehicle such as a consistent app launcher and system events such as notifications.

Minimize Distraction
Android Auto displays different UIs for several app categories that let users focus on the road.

Android Auto defines the user interaction model for all apps and let you hook into a standard UI with touch and voice controls. The interface is designed to reduce driver distraction while still letting you customize and brand them to properly deliver your content.

Coming soon
Android Auto SDK

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing the Android Auto SDK, which includes APIs and tools to make your existing apps compatible with Android Auto. The first version of the SDK will provide APIs for music, podcast, live radio, and audio news apps, as well as limited voice actions.

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We're working with developers to bring many popular apps to Android Auto

"The Android Auto APIs provide an easy way to integrate the most important features and functionality of iHeartRadio’s robust music service into a safety-minded automotive infotainment solution. The process was seamless, utilizing a flexible construct that allowed us to quickly adapt our existing product without losing any of the core experience our listeners know and love."

"Android Auto offers Spotify the exciting opportunity to easily enable safe access to millions of songs while driving. We were able to quickly develop for the platform using the new Android voice and media API extensions. As a result, Android users will soon be able to continue the Spotify experience in their cars, including being able to play any song, artist, album or playlist by voice.

Building an Ecosystem
Android Auto is coming soon to new cars from these manufacturers