Android L Developer Preview
Get an early look at the next release and get your apps ready when the platform officially launches.

A New UI Design

Create a consistent experience across mobile and the web with material design, the new Google-wide standard.

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A New Runtime

Test your apps and get them ready for ART (Android Runtime), the default runtime in the next release.

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Enhanced Notifications

Get control over where notifications appear, how they look, and how they sync to non-handheld devices.

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Increased Efficiency

Project Volta is our effort to make the platform energy efficient and to give you more control over resource usage.

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See the API overview for more information on the rest of the new and updated features.

Issue Tracker

Let us know when you encounter problems, so we can fix them and make the platform better for you and your users.

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Join the community of Android developers testing out the L Developer Preview and share your thoughts and experiences.

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Support and Updates

Updates to the L Developer Preview are delivered in the Android SDK Manager. Check back periodically for news about the changes.

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