Event speakers

Android Dev Summit features a lineup of talks given by the Android team and community.

Dave Burke

VP, Engineering

Dave Burke is Vice President of Engineering at Google where he leads engineering for the Android platform. Android is the largest mobile platform and ecosystem in the world, with over 2 billion active devices spanning smartphones, tablets, wearables, auto, TV, and IOT. Dave joined Google UK in 2007, becoming an engineering site lead and later moving to California in 2011. Prior to Google, Dave cofounded and was CTO of an internet/telecoms voice startup and helped define related Web and Internet standards. Dave holds a BE, MEngSc, and PhD in Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Stephanie Cuthbertson

Director, Product Management

Stephanie joined Google in 2012 and is Senior Director of Product Management and Developer Relations in Android. She previously worked on Google’s Search & Ads businesses, as well as a range of developer tools used by Google employees internally. Prior to Google, she was at AWS where she led the product management team for Storage, including Amazon S3. Before AWS, she spent 10 years working on Visual Studio and developer tools. Stephanie graduated with honors from Brown University where she was a graduation speaker and Royce Fellow.

Chris Banes

Android DevRel Engineer

Chris is an engineer working in Android Developer Relations at Google. He previously worked on the Android Support Libraries, most notably AppCompat, Design and Palette. He has worked on Android things for over 8 years, from open source libraries to media apps, social networks and most stuff in between.

Chet Haase

Staff Software Engineer

Chet leads the Android Toolkit team, which is responsible for all of the APIs and functionality for UI, animations, text, and architecture components. When people aren't looking, he sneaks out to developer conferences like this one.

Florina Muntenescu

Android Developer Advocate

Florina is working as an Android Developer Advocate at Google, helping developers architect clean, testable apps using the Architecture Components libraries. She has been working with Android for 8 years, and she previously worked covering news at upday, payment solutions at payleven and navigation services at Garmin.

Jake Wharton

Software Engineer

Engineer on the Android team working on various Kotlin things.

Session speakers

Phil Adams


Phil is a senior UX Researcher focusing on systems that build, test, and distribute software for Android. Prior to working at Google, Phil was in grad school for computer science and human-computer interaction research. Phil's current work is on the Android App Bundle and Dynamic Delivery, and Play's testing tracks.

Jose Alcérreca

Developer Relations Engineer

Jose is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google where he works to make the Android developer experience better, focusing on architecture and testing. He works on open-source projects such as Architecture Blueprints and the Jetpack architecture samples. He also writes documentation, codelabs, articles and does outreach.

Recently, he's been focusing on the Architecture Components and Jetpack releases, and the Data Binding library.

Casey Burkhardt

Senior Software Engineer

Casey Burkhardt is a Senior Software Engineer with Google’s Accessibility Engineering team based in Mountain View, California. After joining Google in 2012, Casey worked to improve the accessibility of the Android platform, and helped to develop TalkBack, Android’s open source screen reader. He now leads the development of automated testing and developer tools focused on mobile accessibility. Prior to joining Google, Casey received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Villanova University.

Nick Butcher

Developer Advocate

Nick is an Android designer & developer who helps other designers and developers to understand and create beautiful material design apps.

Benjamin Baxter

Developer Advocate

Benjamin is a developer advocate for Android TV who works with large media partners. He helps them integrate their apps with the TV launcher and the Google Assistant on TV. Before Google, Benjamin built web and Android apps for insurance, banking, and grocery industries. In his free time he loves tinkering with new technologies, playing board games, cooking, and eating bacon.

Yigit Boyar

Staff Software Engineer

Yigit leads the Architecture Components for Android, focusing on the developer experience and dreams of making app development easy. Previously, he was working on Data Binding and RecyclerView in the Android Toolkit Team. Prior to Google, he was the Android engineering manager at Path.com. He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University / Turkey.

Dong Chen

Tech Lead, ML Kit

Dong is a technical lead of ML Kit engineering team, responsible for architecting the product and leading the development. For the past 12 years he has been leading several engineering teams across Gmail, Google Maps, and On-Device Machine Learning. Most recently, he helped starting and launching ML Kit at 2018 Google I/O. Dong calls Silicon Valley home for the last 23 years and enjoys full-stack development. Originally from Beijing. He holds a BECS from Tsinghua and MSCS from Purdue.

Jerome Dochez

Tech Lead, Android Gradle Plugin

Jerome Dochez is the tech lead for Android Gradle Plugin. He oversees the new feature development, performance stability development while maintaining the product's stability.

Kenneth Ford

Developer Advocate

Kenneth Ford is a Developer Advocate who works with partners to help improve their app experience on Chrome OS and other platforms. He's done a lot of work around improving experiences on larger screens and handling resizing and new input methods as well. He was a Software Engineer at Capital One before coming to Google.

Nate Fischer

Software Engineer

Nate is a software engineer on Android WebView. He joined Google two years ago to integrate Safe Browsing into WebView, protecting Android users across every app. Following that, Nate worked on AndroidX to launch the WebView support library, bringing WebView's latest APIs to all Android devices. Before coming to the Bay area, he earned a BS in Computer Science from UCLA and contributed to several popular open source NodeJS modules.

Matthew Gharrity

Software Engineer

Matthew is a software engineer on the Android Studio team working on product stability, Kotlin integration, and Lint. In the past he has also worked on register allocation in the Android Runtime, research compilers at Cornell, and competitive programming in ACM ICPC. He cares a lot about clean code.

Nicolas Geoffray

Software Engineer

Nicolas Geoffray is a software engineer working on the ART project. Before ART, he helped shape the Dart language and its efficient translation to JavaScript. Nicolas holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France.

Riccardo Govoni

Android Telemetry Engineering Lead

Riccardo joined Google over 10 years ago after some time spent pretending to be a physicist. Since then he focused on data and analytics problems across Ads, Google Play and most recently Android. Today he is the engineering lead for Android Telemetry, where he helps Android teams and app developers understand and optimize the performance of the device, operating system and apps.

Dan Galpin

Android Developer Advocate

Dan leads outreach for the Android Developer Relations team at Google, where he's written blogs, developed videos, spoken at conferences, designed Udacity courseware, and written libraries for over eight years. Kotlin + Jetpack is the thing that makes being on the Android team fun and exciting again.

Seb Grubb

Product Manager

Seb is a product manager on Android working on privacy-centric features. Prior to Google he worked for a London-based startup.

David Herman

Software Engineer

David Herman is currently leading the effort to improve the Android Data Binding integration in Android Studio, although he previously worked with the Profiler Tools team for several years. Before Studio, he helped bring YouTube into the living room via the YouTube app on the Xbox 360. Prior to that, he worked in the game industry, writing in-house tools for a game title that spanned several PlayStation consoles. David studied Computer Science at Harvey Mudd College.

John Hoford

MotionLayout and AndroidStudio

John is a developer on Android working on Android Studio, MotionLayout, and ConstraintLayout. He has worked on Android Studio, RenderScript, Vector Drawables, computed shadows, and photo editor filters. Prior to joining Google, John was a principal engineer at GE Healthcare working on their image-processing applications framework.

Elliot Hughes


Elliott has worked on Android since Donut—first on the java.* libraries, then ART, and now on C++/NDK.

Yuki Hamada

Software Engineer

Yuki is a software engineer at Google working for Android developer tools, focusing on testing tools and API improvements to make tests more reliable and frictionless. He used to work for Google Maps app development for five years.

Fergus Hurley

Product Manager

Fergus focuses on helping developers understand and improve their app performance through Android vitals, customer interaction, and guidance.

Carmen Jackson

Android Performance

Carmen is on the Android Performance team at Google, focusing on Android Go and on-device System Tracing. Before that, she was the Android Tech Lead at Yelp. Carmen is also on the Board of Directors of Double Union, a maker space for women and nonbinary people in San Francisco.

Andrii Kulian

Software Engineer

Andrii has joined Android Framework team in 2016 and has been working on Activities and Windows since then. His primary focus areas are Multi-Display support and Activity lifecycle.

Wojtek Kaliciński

Developer Advocate

Wojtek is an Android developer advocate and works closely with the Android team to provide outreach on new framework, tools and Play features. He enjoys looking for ways to make apps more usable, mostly through better development patterns and code optimizations.

Cameron Ketcham

Android Software Engineer

Cameron Ketcham is a software engineer with nearly 9 years of experience developing software for Android. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science from UCLA where he conducted research at the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing. In this role he also served as a mentor for high-school students. He began his career at a startup in San Francisco before returning to UCLA and then Cornell Tech to focus on health-centric research-based Android applications. Before joining Google he was developing both the seller and buyer apps as an Android engineer at Etsy. He currently works on the Material Design team at Google out of the New York City office.

Sumir Kataria

Software Engineer

Sumir is a software engineer on the Android team and has been the lead of various Google apps. While at Google, Sumir has been part of YouTube, Google+, and Search. Before Google, he was a gameplay and AI programmer in the video game industry.

Stephan Linzner

Software Engineer in Test

Stephan Linzner is a software engineer in test at Google. He has a masters degree in computer science. Throughout his career at Google he has worked on several Android testing apis and tools, such as Android Jetpack Test, Espresso and Android Test Orchestrator. Currently, Stephan is the tech lead for Android Jetpack test tools.

Ian Lake

Android Software Engineer

Ian is a software engineer on the Android Toolkit team, working on Architecture Components and Fragments. Previously, Ian worked in Android Developer Relations at Google and, before that, built Android apps at Facebook and Phunware. Ian has a MS in Computer Science from University of Southern California and a BS in Computer Science and Physics from Montana State University.

Doris Liu

Software Engineer

Doris is an engineer working on the Android UI ToolKit team. Her primary focus is improving and expanding animation on Android, with the intention to reduce jank. She is responsible for physics-based animation library, Animator Framework, and AnimatedVectorDrawable.

Pierre Lecesne

Software Engineer

Pierre has been a Software Engineer for 10 years, including 7 years at Google where he's worked on YouTube, Google Maps and now Google Play Console. His recent work was focused on Google Play Signing and Google Play Dynamic Delivery.

Pierre graduated with a double degree from Telecom ParisTech and PUC Rio in 2007 and worked for 3 years in the finance industry before joining Google.

Felipe Leme

Software Engineer

Felipe Leme is the lead engineer of the Autofill Framework. He joined the Android team in 2012 and worked on many projects such as Google Cloud Messaging, Data Saver, Interactive Bugreports, Scoped Directory Access, and Google Play Movies.

He spoke at big conferences such as Google I/O and JavaOne, and used to be a Java instructor in Brazil. Felipe is a passionate TDD (Test-Driven Development) proponent and co- authored the JUnit in Action, 2nd edition book. He is also a homebrewer and an amateur poker player.

Sean McQuillan

Developer Advocate

Sean McQuillan is a Developer Advocate at Google. With a decade of experience at Twilio and other San Francisco startups he is an expert at building apps that scale. Sean is passionate about using great tooling to build high quality apps - quickly. When he is not working on Android you can find him fiddling on the piano or crocheting hats.

Izabela Orlowska

Software Engineer

Izabela has been a Software Engineer on the Android Studio team for 2 years. She works on the Android Gradle Plugin and her main areas of expertise include resources and AAPT2 support. Beside being an engineer, Iza is also a diversity and inclusion activist.

Jisun Park

Engineering Director, Samsung Mobile

Jisun Park is the Head of System R&D group at Samsung Mobile and has been one of the leading members developing S/W platform and Android devices. He has also led the collaborative effort of various pioneering mobile products with strategic partners. Prior to joining Samsung in 2011, he worked as a senior member of software development at Microsoft in Redmond. Jisun earned his Ph.D in computer engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006, and his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Seoul National University.

Louis Pullen-Freilich

Software Engineer

Louis is a software engineer on the Android UI Toolkit team, working on Preferences. He has a background in aeronautical engineering so Android Jetpack is a perfect match.

Emilie Roberts

Partner Developer Advocate

Emilie Roberts is a Partner Developer Advocate working to help partners optimize their Android applications for Chrome OS and make the best camera applications on earth.

Adrian Roos

Senior Software Engineer

Adrian Roos is a Senior Software Engineer at Google where he is working on the Android Framework team. He is currently leading the effort to adapt the platform to new form factors. Adrian studied Computer Science at ETH Zürich.

Rahul Ravikumar

Software Engineer

Rahul is a Software Engineer on the Android Framework team

Rasekh Rifaat

Software Engineer

Rasekh is a senior software engineer responsible for Android Auto's media experience and partner APIs. He originally joined Google in 2007 and has worked on Hangouts, Cloud Scheduling and Google Books during his tenure. Outside of Google he has focused on embedded systems, wireless communication, video encoding, and location sharing at companies such as Analog Devices and Glympse Inc. Rasekh has Masters and Bachelors degrees from the University of Manitoba.

Nicolas Roard

Staff Software Engineer

Nicolas is the technical lead for the Android Studio Design Tools and the ConstraintLayout library. Previously, he worked on Robots at Google, the Android photo editor, and the Android browser.

David Sehr

Software Engineer

David leads the Android Runtime team in Mountain View. Before joining Android, he led the Chrome team doing Native Client, and later Web Assembly. Prior to joining Google he worked on compilers at Intel. He has a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Jingyu Shi

Developer Advocate

Jingyu is a Developer Advocate at Google. She loves working with developers to help them succeed on Android. Before joining Google she worked on building ad-serving platform and cross-device user targeting at Drawbridge Inc. Jingyu holds a Master's degree from Columbia University in New York city.

Leo Sei

Product Manager, Android Studio

Leo is a product manager on the Android Studio team In this role, he focuses on Build, Compilation and Testing.

Leo has an MSc in computer science from Imperial College in London and a Masters in network security from Telecom ParisTech.

Vishal Sethia

Staff Software Engineer

Vishal is a Staff Software Engineer and is responsible for building tools to make developers more productive. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. Currently, Vishal is the tech lead of Google's Internal Virtual Platform Team.

Jeff Sharkey

Software Engineer

Jeff Sharkey is a Software Engineer on the Android Framework team, where he's worked on storage and networking.

Daniel Santiago

AndroidX Developer

Daniel is a Puerto Rican native currently working as an AndroidX Developer at Google. He is passionate about developing open source libraries that increase developer happiness and productivity. He also likes video games, like a lot.

Qasid Sadiq


Qasid is an engineer on the Android Frameworks Accessibility team.

Siyamed Sinir

Software Engineer, Android Text

Siyamed is a tech lead on the Android UI Toolkit team focused on text and text widgets. Prior to Google, he developed consumer internet and Android applications in San Francisco, and co-founded a vertical search engine platform.

Chris Sinco

UX Designer

Chris is the UX lead for Design Tools on Android Studio. He has a passion for creating elegant developer tools. Prior to Google, he worked on VS Code and Hololens at Microsoft.

Don Turner

Developer Advocate, Android Audio

Don helps developers to achieve the best possible audio experiences on Android. He spends a lot of time tinkering with synthesizers, MIDI controllers and audio workstations. He also has an unwavering love for Drum and Bass music and used to DJ in some of the worst clubs in Nottingham, UK.

Hung-ying Tyan

GSI Lead

Hung-ying has worked on Android platform for seven years. He is currently part of the Treble team, leading the GSI efforts.

Alan Viverette

Software Engineer

Alan leads the AndroidX team at Google, which focuses on improving the developer experience through libraries and tooling.

Arun Venkatesan

Developer Advocate

Arun Venkatesan is a Developer Advocate at Google. He drives developer success with engineering direction and support, working with developers to integrate their products with Android and ML APIs.

Jeremy Walker

Android Developer Programs Engineer

Jeremy Walker is an Android Developer Programs Engineer and has been working on various APIs since he joined Google over 10 years ago. For the past several years, he has focused on helping developers learn new APIs via open source samples in Android and Wear OS.

In addition to his new found love for Kotlin, he enjoys making comics, long walks in the park, and watching cat videos on YouTube.

Phil Weaver

Tech Lead, Accessibility Framework

Phil leads accessibility efforts in the Android framework, and has a passion to make sure the ecosystem is a place where people with disabilities can access the full potential of the platform. He wrote the initial version of Android Switch Access, and previously started an assistive technology company.

Chris Warrington

Software Engineer

Chris works as a software engineer at Google, working on the Android Gradle Plugin, first in Mountain View and now in London.

Prior to joining Google, Chris worked as a Research Assistant in the Security Group of the The Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. He previously studied computer science as undergraduate at the University of Cambridge.

Ben Weiss


Ben is an engineer on the Android Developer Relations team at Google, where he works to make developers' lives easier.

Recently his focus was on Android App Bundles, Dynamic Delivery, and Google Play Instant.

Kodlee Yin

Software Engineer

Kodlee is a recent college graduate from the University of Washington in Seattle. He is now working as a software engineer on Android Auto at Google. Kodlee has previously worked on Google Ads, Google Local Search, and YouTube as an intern. In his free time, Kodlee likes playing Ping Pong.

Amith Yamasani

Android Framework Engineer

Amith is a lead engineer on the Android Framework team, focusing on application lifecycle management and power saving features. He has over 22 years of industry experience, with over 16 of those working on mobile device frameworks at Google, Motorola and Sun Microsystems. Amith has a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

Shukang Zhou

Software Engineer

Shukang Zhou is the Tech Lead Manager for the profiler team in Android Studio. He has 10 years of industrial experience building developer tools with an emphasis on program performance. Prior to Google, he worked on profile-guide optimizations in an industrial C++ compiler.