Android Dev Summit

Watch the ADS ‘22 Talks

We hope you enjoyed Android Dev Summit ‘22 where you were able to learn from the source about building excellent apps across devices. In case you missed it, check out The Keynote, and learn about the latest updates in Android development by watching the deeply technical talks from all 3 tracks: Modern Android Development, Form Factors, and Platform.

View all of the ADS '22 technical talks

One of the most important parts of ADS are the deeply technical sessions. This year we shared the sessions live on YouTube, separated into three tracks. Take a look here to see the 65+ talks that were released.

Learn more about the latest updates for your favorite Modern Android Development tools and APIs. Watch talks like:

Custom Layouts and Graphics in Compose

State Holders and State Production in the UI Layer

Making Apps Blazing Fast with Baseline Profiles

Check out the latest announcements on building for different form factors and screens by watching talks such as:

Build Better UIs Across Form Factors with Android Studio

Deep Dive into Wear OS App Architecture

Do's and Don'ts: Mindset for Optimizing Apps for Large Screens

Tune in to learn about the latest updates to the Android platform. You'll be able dive deep into technical sessions such as:

Migrate Your Apps to Android 13

Presenting a High-quality Media Experience for all Users

Migrate to Play Billing Library 5

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