ADT-2 Developer Kit

The ADT-2 Developer Kit is a streaming media player device for running and testing apps that are built for Android TV.

The information on this page explains how to set up and use the ADT-2 device. However, the ADT-2 is not required for building and testing apps for Android TV. The Android SDK includes all the software that you need to build TV apps and an emulator that you can use to run your TV apps and test them. You can also test TV apps on any available Android TV device.

Frequently asked questions

The following information explains how you can set up and use the ADT-2 device.

Device setup

How do I turn my device on?

To turn your ADT-2 on:

  1. Plug the power connector of the included Y-cable into the power port on the back of the device.
  2. Plug the power supply into the power port of the Y-cable.
  3. Plug the power supply into a power outlet.

    The device does not have an on and off switch.

What will happen when the ADT-2 boots for the first time?

During the very first boot, the ADT-2 boot process takes longer than usual. This behavior is expected and happens only once. While you perform the initial setup for your account, the device also downloads the latest updates. The ADT-2 can take a while to download these updates depending on your internet bandwidth. After the download has completed, the device will reboot.

When should I update my remote?

You should update your remote whenever possible to ensure that you have the best experience possible with the ADT-2. A notification displays on the main screen whenever a update for your remote is available.

How do I completely turn my device off?

To turn off your ADT-2, unplug the power connector of the included Y-cable from the power port on the back of the device. The device does not have an on and off switch. You can also configure your ADT-2 to go to sleep (daydream) in Settings > Device > Display > Daydream.

How do I connect the ADT-2 to my wireless network?

The ADT-2 has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for connecting to your network. You can change the network that the device is connected to in Settings > Device > Wi- Fi.

How do I use the Y-cable?

The included Y-cable has three connectors:

  • A small, male power connector that plugs into the power port on the back of the ADT-2
  • A standard, male USB-A connector that connects to your computer
  • A small, female power port that the included power supply plugs into

Can I connect to the ADT-2 without the Y-cable?

Yes. The ADT-2 device is enabled for Android Debug Bridge (adb) connections over TCP/IP, so you can also connect to the ADT-2 device over Wi- Fi.

Once the device and computer are on the same network, run the following command to connect to the device:

$ adb connect <ip-address-for-adt-2>

You can find the IP address for your devices in Settings > Device Preferences > About > Status.

Known issues

Voice search is sometimes slow after initial setup

After you complete your initial account setup, voice search can be slow while the ADT-2 updates Play Store apps in the background. Depending on your internet bandwidth, this process usually completes within 30 minutes.

Cannot pair remote when other devices are present

If you unpair your remote in the ADT-2 device settings, you can't pair your remote again if you have other Bluetooth devices in discovery mode that are in range of the ADT-2 dongle.