Event speakers

Android Dev Summit features a lineup of talks given by the Android team and community.

Dave Burke

VP, Engineering

Dave Burke is Vice President of Engineering at Google where he leads engineering for the Android platform. Android is the largest mobile platform and ecosystem in the world, with over 2 billion active devices spanning smartphones, tablets, wearables, auto, TV, and IOT. Dave joined Google UK in 2007, becoming an engineering site lead and later moving to California in 2011. Prior to Google, Dave cofounded and was CTO of an internet/telecoms voice startup and helped define related Web and Internet standards. Dave holds a BE, MEngSc, and PhD in Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin, Ireland.

Stephanie Cuthbertson

Director, Product Management

Stephanie joined Google in 2012 and is Senior Director of Product Management and Developer Relations in Android. She previously worked on Google’s Search & Ads businesses, as well as a range of developer tools used by Google employees internally. Prior to Google, she was at AWS where she led the product management team for Storage, including Amazon S3. Before AWS, she spent 10 years working on Visual Studio and developer tools. Stephanie graduated with honors from Brown University where she was a graduation speaker and Royce Fellow.

Chris Banes

Android DevRel Engineer

Chris is an engineer working in Android Developer Relations at Google. He likes to make pixels dance.

Nick Butcher

Developer Advocate

Nick is an Android designer & developer who helps other designers and developers to understand and create beautiful material design apps.

Romain Guy

Software Engineer

Romain manages the Android Toolkit team, who responsibilities include Jetpack, Jetpack Compose and the UI Toolkit. He also sometimes contributes code to Filament, a 3D real-time rendering engine.

Chet Haase

Android Chief Advocate

Chet has been on Android since 2010, mostly as an engineer and lead for the UI Toolkit team. He's now a developer advocate, helping developers understand how to create great Android apps.

Florina Muntenescu

Android Developer Advocate

Florina is helping developers build beautiful, clean and testable apps. She has been working with Android for 8 years, previous work covering news at upday, payment solutions at payleven and navigation services at Garmin.

Alan Viverette

Staff Software Engineer

Alan is a technical lead on the Android Toolkit team responsible for Jetpack library policies, releases, and development workflow.

Diana Wong

Product Manager

Diana is a Product Manager on Android Developer where she focuses on the Android Runtime (ART), App Compatibility & device fragmentation, and the NDK. Prior to joining Google, she worked on web and mobile apps at an enterprise SAAS company.

Session speakers

Christoffer Quist Adamsen

Software Engineer

Christoffer Quist Adamsen is a Software Engineer on the Android Compilers team working on shrinking Android applications. Prior to working at Google, he was a PhD student in the Programming Languages research group at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Mathias Agopian

Filament Team Lead

Mathias has been involved with Android Graphics for a decade.

Jose Alcérreca

Developer Relations Engineer

Jose is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google where he focuses on architecture and testing. He writes documentation, codelabs, articles, samples and does outreach for topics like Data Binding, Lifecycles, Navigation, LiveData and coroutines.

Nick Anthony

Technical Program Manager

Nick runs the release of Jetpack libraries. He joined the Android Team over a year and has been working ever since to improve the Developer Experience for Jetpack!

Nicole Borrelli

Developer Programs Engineer

Nicole is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google with a focus on privacy and Android core platform APIs. Prior to joining Google, she was a senior Android developer at Smule, and an Android lead at Funzio.

Yigit Boyar

Staff Software Engineer

Yigit leads the Architecture Components for Android, focusing on the developer experience and dreams of making app development easy. He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University / Turkey.

Clara Bayarri

Software Engineering Manager

Clara is one of the leads behind Jetpack Compose. She leads the Android Toolkit team in London and has been part of the Toolkit team for several years, working on Text and Widgets.

Brian Carlstrom

Android Platform Engineering Director

Brian Carlstrom is an engineering director on the Android Platform team responsible for Media, the Android Runtime, C++, the NDK, Authentication, Google Autofill, OTA software updates, stability, and last but not least - app compatibility.

Caren Chang

Developer Programs Engineer

Caren is an Engineer on the Android Developer Relations team, where she works to help make developer lives easier. Before that she worked at various startups ranging from camera apps to smart ovens.

Alessandro Dovis

Software Engineer

Alessandro is a Software Engineer on Google Play. Working on: Android App Bundle, Dynamic Apps, In App Updates, PlayCore library.

Xavier Ducrohet

Software Engineer

Xavier is a lead for the Android Studio group, with a focus on Build, and emulator. He joined Google in 2007 and has worked on developer tools for Android since then.

Jamal Eason

Product Manager

Jamal Eason is a product manager on Android Studio. Prior to Google, he worked on developer tools at Intel, worked as a product manager at a startup, and was an officer in the US Army. He earned a BS in computer science from USMA and a MBA from HBS.

Dom Elliott

Product Manager, Google Play

Dom is the product manager for the Android App Bundle and Dynamic Delivery, which enable next generation app publishing and distribution on Google Play.

Zim Ezeozue

Software Engineer

Zim works on the Android Framework on projects spanning privacy and updatability improvements.

Boris Farber

Developer Advocate

Boris is a Senior Partner Engineer at Google. Boris manages technical relations with games and apps companies. On the tech side Boris focuses on Android Performance. Boris holds M.Sc. in Computer Science and M.B.A. in Marketing.

Kenneth Ford

Developer Advocate

Kenneth Ford is a Developer Advocate at Google where he's spent most of his time helping developers bring better experiences to different Android form factors including foldables, tablets, and Chrome OS.

Tyler Freeman

UX Engineer

Tyler is a designer, engineer, artist and musician. Currently he works on Wear OS at Google, previously at a smartwatch startup and his own wearables startup DrumPants. He specializes in wearables, assistive technology and accessibility, and haptics.

Lyla Fujiwara

Android Developer Advocate

Lyla is Developer Advocate who works on Android Jetpack, testing and training. Before Google, she worked at Udacity and taught devs from around the world to write Android apps. She's a returned Peace Corps volunteer and has lived on three continents.

Dan Galpin

Developer Advocate

Dan has been on Android for almost 10 years, helping train developers to build great apps and games.

Tianyu Geng

Software Engineer

Tianyu is a software engineer working on Android Studio C++ support.

Søren Gjesse

Software Engineer

Søren Gjesse is a Software Engineer who has worked on a number of compiler projects at Google including V8, Dart and now R8. Søren joined Google in 2007 and holds a masters degree in Computer Science form the University of in Denmark.

Alec Guertin

Reverse Engineer

Alec is a reverse engineer with Android Security, working on fighting malware in the Android ecosystem.

Aleks Haecky

Training Developer & Word Artist

Aleks is a Course Developer, Writer, and Advocate of All Things Android in Kotlin. Assist-authored "Understanding Compression", "Kotlin Bootcamp", and "Android Fundamentals in Kotlin".

James Heather

Engineering Manager, Play Console

James' mission is to make apps and games on the Play Store as high quality as they can be, and to open the batting for England. He is aware that he is unlikely to achieve both.

David Herman

Tools Developer

David Herman is currently leading an effort to improve the Android Data Binding integration in Android Studio, although he previously worked with the Profiler Tools team for several years.

John Hoford

Software Engineer

John is a developer on Android. He has worked on Android Studio, AndroidStudio, ConstraintLayout, RenderScript, Vector Drawables, computed shadows and photo editor filters. Prior to joining Google, John was a principal engineer at GE Healthcare working on image processing applications frameworks.

Paris Hsu

Interaction Designer

Interaction Designer @ Google crafting meaningful experiences for Android Developer Tools

Shiyu Hu

Software Engineer

Shiyu is an engineer lead in ML Kit, where he is passionate about bringing simple-to-use machine learning solutions to mobile developers. Previously at Google he's worked on Android Location and Context, Google Ads Quality and Federated Learning.

Jonathan Hurwitz

Product Manager

Jonathan is the product manager for Android Bluetooth, a team which owns the core bluetooth stack as well as wireless audio experiences.

Carmen Jackson

Software Engineer

Carmen is on the Android Performance team at Google, focusing on memory and on-device System Tracing. She is also on the Board of Directors of Double Union, a maker space for women and nonbinary people in San Francisco.

Wojtek Kaliciński

Developer Advocate

Wojtek works on the Android Developer Relations team, supporting developers in building great apps using Kotlin, Android Studio and Play.

Sumir Kataria

Staff Software Engineer

Sumir is a software engineer on the Android Toolkit team. He works on Jetpack libraries.

Ian Lake

Senior Software Engineer

Ian is a software engineer on the Android Toolkit team, working on Architecture Components and Fragments. Previously, Ian worked in Android Developer Relations at Google and, before that, built Android apps at Facebook and Phunware.

Dustin Lam

Software Engineer

Dustin is a software engineer on the Android Toolkit team working on Architecture Components.

Hoi Lam

Android Machine Learning

Hoi specialises in Android ML and is a sector executive for the IET. He helped launch Wear OS by Google (previously, Android Wear), Chromecast, Google Glass Enterprise Edition, and the Google Beacon Platform.

Dan Larsen

Product Manager

Dan is a Product Manager responsible for the Media, Messaging and App experience on Android Auto. He has a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology

Seungyon "Claire" Lee

Interaction Researcher

Claire is an engineering friendly designer/researcher who has supported Android haptics since Nougat. Claire is passionate about delivering UX inspired HW/SW specification for Android/Pixel haptics.

Jason Karl Liu

Product Manager

Jason is a product manager focused on improving the developer experience on Google Play. Prior to this, Jason worked on YouTube Ads and Google Chrome. Jason has a BS from Yale University.

Pietro Maggi

Android Developer Advocate

I believe that the best way to understand how something works is to take it apart (and possibly put it back together at the end). My children share this belief, which results in a lot of broken toys in our house!

Iliyan Malchev

Principal Engineer, Android Platform

Iliyan has been with Android from the very beginning. He leads the Linux core of the OS and is in charge of Project Treble. When not obsessing about Linux and updatability, he spends his time promoting Rust and WebAssembly to anyone within earshot.

Neto Marin

Developer Advocate

Almost 20 years working with software engineering, and since 2005 with mobile, Neto Marin is working at Google since 2012 as a Developer Advocate, and now is based in Brazil, supporting Latam top partners adopting cutting edge Android features.

Jon Markoff

Developer Advocate

Jon is a Developer Advocate focusing on Android Security. He helps developers to build safer and more privacy focused apps. Jon is the creator and maintainer of Jetpack Security.

Sean McQuillan

Developer Advocate

Sean McQuillan is a Developer Advocate at Google. With a decade of experience at Twilio and other San Francisco startups he is an expert at building apps that scale. Sean is passionate about using great tooling to build high quality apps - quickly.

Justin Nieto

Software Engineer II

Justin Nieto is a Georgia Tech math-major-turned-software-engineer. His main focus is to provide Android Studio support for Google's first-party app developers, but he has also worked on externally visible features like manifest merging.

Karen Ng

Software Engineer II

Karen is a Group Product Manager at Google and leads the product team for Android Studio, Android Jetpack, Jetpack Compose, and Kotlin to make high-quality mobile development easier and faster than ever before.

Tor Norbye

Android Studio Engineering Director

Tor Norbye is the engineering director for Android Studio. Prior to joining Google in 2010 he worked for 14 years at Sun Microsystems, also on developer tools. He holds a master's degree in computer science from Stanford University.

Rony Patel

Quantitative UX Researcher

Rony is a Quantitative UX Researcher working on Digital Wellbeing. While at work, he likes to think about the relationship between technology and sleep. While at home, he likes to watch TV, eat brunch, and hangout with his friends.

Adam Powell

Staff Software Engineer

Adam is the technical lead on Jetpack Compose and the Android UI toolkit.

Vlad Radu

Product Manager

Improving the Play ecosystem.

Rahul Ravikumar

Software Engineer

Rahul is a Software Engineer on the Android Toolkit team

Yacine Rezgui

Developer Advocate

Android developer advocate, working on Android Studio, Jetpack Compose, User Privacy and Kotlin, based in the UK.

Leland Richardson

Software Engineer

Software Engineer at Google working on Jetpack Compose. He likes learning, discussing, and diving into challenges.

Daniel Santiago Rivera

Software Engineer

Daniel is a Puerto Rican native currently working on the Android Toolkit team at Google. He is passionate about developing open source libraries that increase developer happiness and productivity. He also likes video games, like a lot.

Nicolas Roard

Staff Software Engineer

Nicolas works on the Android Studio Design Tools and the ConstraintLayout library at Google.

Oscar Rodriguez

Developer Advocate

Oscar is a Developer Advocate based in Tokyo, working with game developers in East Asia, to ensure they make the best games, using the best technology, offering the best developer experience, to delight players over the world.

Qasid Sadiq


Qasid is an engineer on the Android Accessibility Team.

Fabien Sanglard

Software Engineer

Fabien Sanglard is a Software Engineer at Google where he has worked on Android Graphic Compositor and Android Studio. He enjoys writing about 90s games on fabiensanglard.net and in his Game Engine books. Fabien has a MSCS from Grenoble University.

Udam Singh Saini

Software Engineer

Udam helps developers make their apps awesome: specializing in size reduction, instant apps, and app modularization.

Aser Samak

Partner Developer Advocate

Coming from a software engineering background and a passion for education, Aser has been teaching Android Development with Udacity for the past three years.

Amrit Sanjeev

Developer Advocate

Amrit Sanjeev works as a developer advocate in the partner developer relations team and works with partners in India. He was the first Android GDE from India and actively participates in developer communities in India.

Rohan Shah

Product Manager

Rohan is a product manager at Google on the Android System UI team, with prior experience working with Android development on the Android Gmail team.

Chris Sinco

Interaction Designer

Chris is the UX Design Lead for Android Developer tools. He has a passion for creating elegant developer experiences. Prior to Google, he worked on VS Code and Hololens at Microsoft.

Tiem Song

Developer Programs Engineer

Tiem is an Android Developer Programs Engineer focusing on Kotlin, Jetpack, and the Sunflower open source Android app. Prior to Google, he worked at Venmo and other startups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Preethi Srinivas

User Experience Researcher

Preethi is a User Experience Researcher on the Android Platform and Tools team at Google. She has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Indiana University and a Masters in Computer Science from Miami University.

Scott Swarthout

Associate Product Manager

Scott is an Associate Product Manager working on Android Studio and Android Toolkit. As a Product Manager, Scott is responsible for the Android animation developer experience and has worked on projects like MotionLayout and Jetpack Compose animation.

Oscar Adame Vazquez

Software Engineer

Oscar Adame is a Software Engineer in the Android Studio Design Tools that is working on the Layout Editor and the Resource Manager.

Manuel Vivo

Android Developer Relations

Manuel is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google. With previous experience at Capital One, he currently focuses on App Architecture, Kotlin & Coroutines, Dependency Injection and Jetpack Compose.

Ben Weiss

Android Developer Relations Engineer

Ben enables developers to ship smaller apps to users. Come and talk with him about modularization, dynamic features and navigating them. He also coordinates the Android GDE program.

Jeremy Woods

Software Engineer

Jeremy is a software engineer on the Android Toolkit team, working on Activity, Fragments, and Navigation. Jeremy has a MS in Software Engineering from the University of Washington at Bothell and a BS in Software Engineering from Auburn University.

Lingfeng Yang

Software Engineer

Lingfeng (Frank) Yang is a technical lead on Google's Android Emulator. Frank works on core virtualization features such as snapshots and graphics acceleration.

Yi Yang

Software Engineer

Yi Yang is a software engineer on the Android Studio team working on profilers.

Murat Yener

Developer Advocate

Murat Yener is a Developer Advocate for Android at Google. He is a code geek, open source committer, Java Champion, and the author of Expert Android Studio and Professional Java EE Design Patterns books.

Julie Zhou

Software Engineer

Julie is an app developer and software engineer on ML Kit.

Shukang Zhou

Software Engineer

Shukang leads the profiler team in Android Studio. Prior to this, he worked on compiler optimizations and programming language indexing.

Wenbo Zhu

Software Engineer

Wenbo is a software engineer on the Google Nest apps team.