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Improve conversion rates using Firebase Analytics

Use unlimited reporting for up to 500 distinct events and create custom audiences with Firebase Analytics to understand clearly how your users behave. From the data, you can get detailed insights into app use and user engagement. These insights can help you improve conversions, by making informed decisions regarding app marketing and performance optimizations.

Why it works

Whether your goal is driving users to in-app purchases or signing up for a newsletter, getting users to complete key actions — or conversions — will be your main success metric. Being able to identify if users are encountering roadblocks before converting, or if certain app areas have high exit rates, will enable you to identify opportunities to improve your app experience and increase conversion rates.

How to do it

  1. Connect your app to Firebase by adding the Firebase SDK.
  2. Add the dependency for Firebase Analytics to your app.
  3. Start to gain insights about your apps and users in the Firebase console within hours.
  4. Log custom events such as E-Commerce purchases or achievements.
  5. Create audiences that matter to you in the Firebase console, based on event data and user properties.
  6. Use your custom audiences to target messages, promotions, or new app features using other Firebase tools, such as Notifications.

Best practices

Get started

Firebase Analytics
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