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Make a compelling Google Play store listing to drive more installs

Make your app's Google Play listing compelling. Use a unique app icon, attention-grabbing images, and a video of your app in action. Also write a to-the-point short description and a well-crafted full description that carefully uses the words users are likely to search for.

Why it works

When users search or browse Google Play, your app's icon is a significant way to make your app stand out, so ensure it's relevant and compelling. If a user opens your app's listing, they will take only a few seconds to look for content that matches their needs. If the listing doesn't immediately grab their attention, they're likely to move on to another app.

Best practices

  • Icon: Create a relevant yet uniquely differentiated launcher icon; consider working with a professional graphic designer or use the Android Asset Studio.
  • Feature image: Make sure your feature image sums up what is special about your app.
  • Video trailer: Create a video of your app in action, either using screen capture software or by filming a physical device running the app.
  • Screenshots: Make sure screenshots show off the best and most important features of your app. Include screenshots that cover all the screen sizes your app runs on, with portrait and landscape mode shots too.
  • Description: Keep your app's description short and to the point; make sure the first sentence sums up your app. Cover key and unique features. Grab the user's attention, and keep it. Include a variety of words in your app description that represent the core features of your app, so users can find your app when searching.
  • Reviews: Reply to your reviews too and show visitors to your store that you're engaged.
  • Localize: Localize your store listing in all countries you support. Match pricing conventions in local countries. For example, some users in Asian markets respond to prices ending in .00 or .05 more than .99. If your screenshots or videos include text, be sure to upload versions for all the languages supported by your app.
  • Policies: Be aware of the Play policies for store listing metadata.
  • Link to your store listing using the Google Play badge.
  • Iterate. Run store listing experiments to A/B test your graphics and text.
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