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Showcase your app with an attention grabbing feature graphic

  • Launch
  • Marketing

Use bold, creative promotional images to sum up your app and entice people to explore your store listing and download your app.

Why it works

The feature graphic is the first thing your potential users see when they open your app’s store listing. On the majority of Android smartphones and tablets, it occupies a third of the screen. As a result, it can have a significant impact on a store visitor’s decision to download your app and is an important part of your app marketing. When you include a video in your store listing, the feature graphic provides a link — indicated by an overlaid play icon — so the user can start watching it straight away.

Best practices

  • Limit text to your app name and maybe a few additional descriptive words, make any information in your graphic direct and to the point. Don’t create a text-heavy advertising-style graphic.
  • Use vivid foreground and background colors, don’t let the graphic fade into the background.
  • Create a story and a sense of context to humanize your app.
  • Have an iconic point of focus in your imagery. Try not to repeat your app logo in your feature graphic, instead use images which complement your brand.
  • Don’t include any important visual information near the borders of the image, specifically near the bottom third of the frame.
  • Use a similar or complementing color theme and style in the feature graphic, app icon, and the app itself, so users can immediately associate them with your app and brand. For more advice, see the Material Design guidelines.
  • Use large font sizes that are legible across multiple screen sizes. Also, don’t overload the graphic with fine details, these will not be visible on many phone screens.
  • Localize your graphic and text as appropriate for different markets and languages.
  • Don’t use information that needs updating frequently, unless you make a plan to update it as needed. Do update your feature graphic to promote activities such as liveops, an event promotion, a sale, or something similar. Make sure you update it again when the activity completes.
  • Create an image that will look good whether displayed on a large or small screen, remembering that while the image’s aspect ratio is consistent across devices, the size does vary. To test, resize your image to 1 inch in width. If it still looks good and conveys your brand message, you have a winner.
  • Don’t include inappropriate or repetitive image elements, such as third-party trademarked characters or logos without permission, device imagery (as this can become obsolete quickly or alienate some users), screenshots, advertisements, Google Play or any other store’s badge or icon, or any content in violation of the Developer Program policies.
  • Remember to include the feature graphic as a priority item in store listing experiments.