Build complications in Watch Face Studio

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Watch Face Studio (WFS) helps you to create and customize Watch face complications that display additional information on a watch face.

Complications display data from a data source. This enables you to display additional information on your watch face without needing to use extra code.

Add a complication

A complication can be added using the Add Component button. There are six different types of complications you can add in WFS: short text, long text, ranged value, icon, small image and large image. The complication types and their related icons are shown in the following image.


When a user uses your watch face, they can set the complication to display any complication data they have access to through the apps installed on their watch. Once a complication is added to your watch face, the related data is automatically displayed.

See examples of each complication type in the following table:

Type Mandatory properties Optional properties Example
Short text Text Icon


Long text Text Title


Small image

Ranged value Value

Min value

Max value




Monochromatic image Icon bike-icon
Small image Small image small-message-image
Photo image Large image beach-photo

Add a new layout

When creating a complication, choose your layout by modifying the layout option in the Complication Preview properties window.

Some complication data may not include optional elements such as icons or secondary text. Be sure that your complication looks as expected by testing your design on all device preview types, as shown in the following image:

You can select Default provider as the initial value.

Set whether the complication should be editable by the watch user. If you select Fixed, the user can't change the complication.

Style your complication

Style your complication to match the overall design of your watch face by changing its colors and fonts.

style-complication style-complication style-complication style-complication style-complication