Achievements drive engagement in Doctor Who: Legacy


The Tiny Rebel Games team has a combined experience of over 35 years in creating blockbuster console, PC, and mobile games in the areas of production, design, marketing, social media, PR, and distribution.

They are the publisher and co-developer (along with Seed Studio in Taiwan) of the award-winning Doctor Who: Legacy game, under license from BBC Worldwide.

What they did

Tiny Rebel Games integrated achievements and cloud services from Google Play games services into Doctor Who: Legacy. Achievements were supported with beautifully designed and customized badges to encourage players to unlock. To delight users with quick wins, achievements can be unlocked from within the first play session. In addition, percentage progress updates keep players motivated.


Beautifully designed achievements badges encourage unlock

After integrating achievements, Tiny Rebel Games saw a dramatic increase in daily revenues as a result of an increase in daily installs and the average revenue per install

Some key metrics include:

  • Average daily revenue increased 108 percent from the 30 days before to the 30 days after integrating Google Play games services.
  • 30-day average revenue per install increased 53 percent after implementation.
  • Among achievement earners, integration increased daily average revenue per user by ~33 percent.

"Google Play has been a tremendous partner of ours in our launch and support of Doctor Who: Legacy, which to date remains our most successful platform in terms of downloads and revenue. Integration of cloud services and achievements dramatically improved our daily revenues and we continue to look to add additional services like the newly announced Google Quests," says Susan Cummings, CEO and Executive Producer at Tiny Rebel Games.

See examples of how Tiny Rebel Games integrated Google Play games services achievements into the UI of Doctor Who: Legacy.

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