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Create a Great Listing

Your Google Play app listings are a vital part of your app marketing, from organic traffic or visits you generate through marketing and promotion. Potential users will quickly move on from a poor listing, so the importance of having a great one can't be ignored.

Graphics & Imagery Tips

Be sure to supply a variety of high-quality graphic assets to showcase your apps or brand on Google Play search results and your product details pages. These graphic assets are key parts of successful product details pages that attracts and engages users, so consider having a professional produce them for you.


For most users, the launcher icon (sometimes referred to as the app icon) is the first impression of your app. As higher density screens on both phones and tablets gain popularity, it's important to make sure your launcher icon is crisp and high quality. To do this, make sure you’re including XHDPI (320dpi) and XXHDPI (480dpi) versions of the icon in your apps. Learn more about Making Beautiful Android App Icons from the Android Developers blog.

Screenshots and videos

Be sure to showcase how your apps look, their important features, and what makes them different. Showcase any game play, characters, and their personalities. Some developers build special screens to highlight what’s happening in the screenshot, and extra video footage to highlight the brand. Get more details here.

Featured image

Choosing the right featured image is important, it needs to convey as much about the features of your apps and what makes them special as possible, without being cluttered and confusing. To get started with the featured image specs, read the featured image guidelines in the Help Center.

Localization Tips

Many developers start in their country of strength, then expand into new markets. To help you market your apps more effectively to a global audience, create localized versions of your promotional graphics, screenshots, and videos. When a user visits your product display pages, Google Play will show the localized assets that you’ve provided for that country. Find out more about capitalize on the growing international audience.

Keyword Tips

Think carefully about the keywords you use for your apps. Think about words that represent the core feature of your apps. Also consider other words that the user might use to search for your app. For example, if you have a Live Wallpaper app, you may want to include the term ‘background’. This way, users who don’t yet know the terminology can find your app.

Sign Up for App Indexing

App Indexing provides deep links from Google searches to your apps. Get more details and a link to the sign up page here.

Education App Tips

If you’ve an educational app for the K-12 market, include it in Google Play for Education. Google Play for Education can help your innovative educational apps gain visibility with the right audiences, without having to knock on school doors. Learn more about Google Play for Education.

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