Your feedback is a crucial part of the 12L Developer Preview! Please let us know of any issues you find or ideas for making Android a better platform.

The sooner we hear from you, the more of your feedback we can integrate into the final release.

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Developer Preview issue tracker

Use the issue tracker to create new issues and to view, track, and vote for issues that you and other developers have created.

Create and vote for issues

Before creating your own issue, check the release notes and search the lists of top open issues and recently created issues to see if someone else has already reported it.

You can subscribe and vote for an issue by starring it in the issue tracker. For more information, see Starring an issue. For general help with Google Issue Tracker, see the documentation.

Due to the volume of feedback, submitted issues from any channel might not receive a response and issues might be closed upon release of the next Developer Preview or Beta version. This process allows Google to focus on issues that are still reproducible in the latest release.

If your feedback is closed and you’re still experiencing the issue on the latest Developer Preview or Beta build, please check the release notes and the lists of top open issues and recently created issues and star the issue if it already exists. If not, please submit your feedback again.

Where to report issues

To report a new issue, use the links below to go to the issue template that best describes the type of issue. Make sure you fill out the information requested in the issue template:

  • Platform: Issues with 12L system software or APIs (platform), NDK (platform), device hardware (Camera, Sensors, CPU, GPU), or Android Runtime (ART).
  • App compatibility: Issues that occur with an app running on 12L.
  • Device-specific issues with non-Pixel devices: To report issues with eligible devices from our device-maker partners, see the partner devices section on the Get 12L page to find a link to the device-maker's 12L site.

Related trackers

  • Security issue tracker: For all issues relating to Android security and security updates.
  • Android Studio issue tracker: For all issues relating to Android Studio, the Android Emulator, and other dev tools releases, including issues that are related to functionality for the Android Developer Preview.