Kongregate increases AdVenture Capitalist conversions by 5% with store listing experiments


AdVenture Capitalist a builder game from games developers HyperHippo and Kongregate, was originally built for the web and released as a mobile version in May 2015. Kongregate decided to use Store Listing Experiments to see if different graphics could impact their installs. They found that graphics illustrating the game’s builder mechanics and strategy drove more installs from the store listing page than their existing graphics.

What they did

Kongregate used a global store listing experiment in the Google Play Console to test two variant designs of feature art. Their prediction was that their current control graphic would outperform the variant designs, because of the game’s brand and icon reputation on the web.


The results revealed that variant graphics showing more of the game’s builder mechanics and strategy drove more installs compared to the existing branded icon.

Beautifully designed achievements badges encourage unlock

Jeff Gurian, Senior Marketing Director at Kongregate commented that: "Google Play's Store Listing Experiments tool allows us to maximize ASO performance across all of our channels in a live environment, for free — it is now our primary tool for testing."

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