Android API Differences Report

This report details the changes in the core Android framework API between two API Level specifications. It shows additions, modifications, and removals for packages, classes, methods, and fields. The report also includes general statistics that characterize the extent and type of the differences.

This report is based a comparison of the Android API specifications whose API Level identifiers are given in the upper-right corner of this page. It compares a newer "to" API to an older "from" API, noting all changes relative to the older API. So, for example, API elements marked as removed are no longer present in the "to" API specification.

To navigate the report, use the "Select a Diffs Index" and "Filter the Index" controls on the left. The report uses text formatting to indicate interface names, links to reference documentation, and links to change description. The statistics are accessible from the "Statistics" link in the upper-right corner.

For more information about the Android framework API and SDK, see the Android Developers site.

Changed Packages