Build teacher-approved apps

We know parents are looking for apps and games that are enriching and entertaining. Our Teacher Approved program is an editorial program to highlight high-quality, teacher-approved apps for kids on Google Play.

About the program

We consulted with academic experts to develop a framework for rating apps for kids. Specially-trained teachers rate apps for kids based on this framework, evaluating things like:

  • Design quality
  • Appeal to children
  • Enrichment potential
  • Ads & in-app purchases
  • Age-appropriateness

Teacher-approved apps:

  • Are eligible to appear in the Kids section on Google Play
  • Are eligible for featuring in banners or collections on Google Play
  • Display the "Teacher approved" badge
  • Display information about what teachers found valuable on their app details page

Who’s eligible

Apps need to meet the requirements of the Designed for Families program before they’re eligible to be reviewed by teachers. All apps in the DFF program are automatically eligible for review, which will happen on an ongoing basis.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is rating my app?

A: We work with pre-K through 6th-grade teachers from across the US. Teachers rate apps based on the target age group(s) you chose for your app. For example, a pre-K or kindergarten teacher would rate apps for ages 5 and under, while a 6th-grade teacher would rate apps in the 9-12 target age group. Teachers rate apps using their knowledge of children, and apply it to the framework we’ve developed.

Q: My app isn’t educational; why does it matter what teachers think about it?

A: Teachers in our program look for fun and inspiring apps that kids will love, with or without an educational focus. We think teachers are specially positioned to use their expertise in child development to look for content that’s not only age-appropriate, but also reflects current trends in what kids like.

Q: Do I need to do anything to have teachers review my apps?

A: All apps in the Designed for Families program are automatically placed in the teacher review queue, with reviews occuring on an ongoing basis. Your app needs to be part of the program in order to be eligible for review.

Q: How long will it take for my app to be reviewed?

A: Teachers are reviewing apps as quickly and thoroughly as they can. We are unable to provide a timeline for review.

Q: How can I expedite my review? Can I talk to someone about speeding up my review?

A: There’s no process for requesting expedited reviews. The order of priority for teacher reviews is at our discretion.

Q: Is my app’s teacher-approval status permanent?

A: App ratings are ongoing in the Teacher Approved program. We may review apps and update their status at any time without notice.

Q: Can I talk with someone about why my app wasn’t approved?

A: Not at this time. We recommend that you take the relevant courses on Google Play’s Academy for App Success to learn more about what teachers look for in high-quality apps for children and make sure your updated app follows the best practices identified in the courses.

Q: Where is the program launched?

A: Our initial launch is limited to the US and will be followed by a global rollout.

Q: What happened to the “Family” section and Family star badge?

We removed the Family star badge and the Family section on Google Play to better align with users’ expectations. All apps that were in the Family section are still discoverable on the Play Store and appear in search results. Note that this change will have no effect on Family Library.

Q: What happens when I update my app?

A: Making changes to your app will trigger a re-review.


To help developers better understand what the teachers are looking for, we published a new learning path on Google Play’s Academy for App Success, including findings from Play’s research into technology usage by parents and kids.