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Increase installs with Store Listing Experiments

First impressions matter, so having the best possible Play Store listing page for your app is vital. Store Listing Experiments let you test combinations of text and graphics to find the ones that bring you the most installs.

Learn how to get started with Store Listing Experiments.

Tips for planning a successful experiment

  • Make sure that you have a question or objective in mind when designing your experiments.
  • Test one attribute at a time to get the clearest results, but test similar changes in icons and feature graphics together, for example comparing use of character art against objects from a game.
  • Start testing with your app icon, because it can have a huge impact on whether users pick your app from search results and category lists.
  • Test all of your listing’s attributes; after icons, test screenshots and short descriptions as they are seen by users from search results and category lists. Test the feature graphic as a priority, as it has such a presence on your store listing’s page.

Tips for your graphics and text

  • Create up to three alternatives for your hi-res icon, feature graphic, screenshots, promo video, short description, and full description.
  • Set up a Global experiment for graphics against your default language or a Localized experiment for both text and graphics in a specific language. Experiment with screenshots and their order.
  • Be bold about testing different artwork, but iterate on the results to confirm and improve your findings.
  • Make sure short descriptions clearly demonstrate an app or game’s value to users.

Tips for running successful experiments

  • Test one asset at a time, unless testing completely different designs for a store listing page against one another.
  • Run your experiment for at least 7 days, even if you have enough traffic to get meaningful results in a few days. Depending on the percentage of your audience you’re showing the experiment too and the traffic on your listings page it may take anything from a few days to several weeks to get a result.
  • Run your experiments with 50 percent of your audience, the maximum allowed, to get results faster; particularly for localized tests that may be visible to only a small percentage of your users.
  • Check the banner on the Experiments page to see progress. Once enough data has been collected the winner is displayed and you can apply it to your store listing.

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