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Monetize with Subscriptions

Subscriptions allow you to generate recurring revenue in exchange for offering customers fresh content and app updates. If you sell subscriptions through Google Play billing, you can reach users in 130 countries, and keep them engaged and measure performance via the tools available in the Google Play Developer Console.

Figure 1. In-app subscriptions.


Easily integrate with our platform and you won’t have to directly process any financial transactions.


Increase conversion and reduce cart abandonment rates with access to multiple forms of payment and a consistent and familiar purchase flow for your users.


Fight churn with tools to help you retain customers, and take advantage of our efforts to prevent payment issues.


Analyze user behavior and measure key business drivers with our tracking tools.

Features to help you grow a subscriptions business

Developer success with subscriptions on Google Play

Get started

If you don’t have one already, set-up a Google payments Merchant Account from the Developer Console. You then define subscriptions for published or draft apps in the In-app Products section of the Developer Console, integrate the In-app Billing API into your apps, and add the mechanisms to unlock subscribed features or deliver content.

Tip: Due to some direct carrier billing limits, we recommend monthly subscriptions. Annual subscriptions may exceed limits, causing the purchase to be blocked and you to lose that revenue.

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