SDK developers

At Google, we highly value the critical role that SDKs play in the Android ecosystem by providing developers with the tools to build high-quality apps and games and reduce development cost. Developers use SDKs for various purposes, like monetization, user acquisition, analytics, and engagement. In the past, we have worked to better serve the developer community as well as our end users. We are now looking to expand this with a new initiative for SDK developers, and we would like to invite all SDK developers to participate in it.

Register your SDK

Support customers migrating to targetSdkVersion 26

  • As announced earlier, app developers across the ecosystem are moving to targetSdkVersion 26. Before they can update, they need your SDKs to support the latest platform behaviors as well.
  • We'll use your registered email address to contact you if we discover issues with your SDK's support for targetSdkVersion 26.
  • We'll provide resources and a timeline that you can use for planning.

Resources for improving SDK quality

  • Developers are looking for high-quality SDKs and libraries that support modern Android, offer performance while conserving battery, and have a track record of compliance with Google Play's developer policies.
  • We'll provide resources to highlight key quality issues and help you check your SDK against them.
  • We'll help you make your SDKs easier and faster to use and more testable, through Kotlin, Architecture Components, and other tools.

Rapid escalation for issues

  • When your customers' apps are affected by an issue in your SDK, you want to know and respond as quickly as possible.
  • You can register an escalation email address that lets us notify you in cases where apps are facing critical issues caused by your SDK.
  • You don't need a Play Console account. Just register your email address.

Get news and updates

You can register an informational email address to receive periodic communication from Google about what's new for SDKs and libraries on Android. For example:

  • Upcoming policy changes
  • News on key topics like platform changes, compliance, and trends
  • Details on new products and APIs that you can use to deliver better performance to your customers worldwide
  • Updates on new tools that can help you support your app developers

Interest form

You can register your SDK's contact information at any time using this form.