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Drive engagement through links and Google search results

Ensure users get to your app when navigating links and opening search results.

Why it works

By implementing app links and Firebase features, you can drive re-engagement with your app without the user having to remember to open it. And, if the user doesn’t have your app, these features will help drive installs too.

How to do it

  • Add deep links and get indexed. Enable Google to crawl your Android app content and present your app through Google Search results, when your app content corresponds to a web page that you own.
  • Use app links to open your app automatically, eliminating the need for users to choose how they want Android to handle your links.
  • Employ Firebase Dynamic Links to ensure users get taken to the best place depending on the platform they’re using. You can use this to convert web users to app users, provide platform independent links in marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Include Firebase App Indexing in your app to get more control over app content in Google search results. Take advantage of enhancements to public content indexing, an on-device personal content index, and logging of user actions on both public and personal content in the app, amongst other features.

Get started

Handling app links
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