Use Firebase, Google's unified and cross-platform SDK, to build better apps

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Firebase helps you develop a high-quality app quickly, grow an engaged user base, and earn more money. Firebase is Google’s unified platform that brings together powerful features for your app, including a mobile backend, analytics, and growth and monetization tools.

Why it works

Firebase has intuitive APIs packaged in a single SDK, saving you time by letting you manage fewer integrations in your app. You can choose just what you need and take advantage of the tight integration between the products you use. Backed by Google’s infrastructure, Firebase scales automatically as your app grows. With solutions for each stage of development and growth, you can develop with confidence knowing that you’re using a comprehensive, scalable solution backed by Google.

Key benefits

  • Move fast. Firebase has intuitive APIs that are packaged into a single SDK, helping you develop high-quality apps quickly. It also has the tools with which to grow your user base and earn more money. Just mix-and-match Firebase features to fit your needs.
  • Forget about infrastructure. Save time by not having to build complex infrastructure in-house or manage multiple dashboards. Firebase puts the groundwork in place so you can focus on delivering your customers the features they want.
  • Make smart, data-driven decisions. Firebase includes a free-and-unlimited analytics solution, customized for mobile. Google Analytics for Firebase lets you discover insights about your users. Complementary Firebase features enable you to take action on everything from click-through rates to app crashes.
  • Work across platforms. Firebase works everywhere you want to be. Deliver cross-platform mobile apps with Android, iOS, JavaScript, and C++ SDKs. You can also access Firebase using server-side libraries and REST APIs.
  • Scale with ease. When your app is a breakout hit, you don't have to worry about scaling your server code or provisioning extra capacity. Firebase handles that automatically for you. And most Firebase features are free forever, for any scale. The four paid features have a generous free tier and two paid plans after you begin to grow.
  • Get free support. You get free email support. The Firebase team and Google Developers Experts are also active in online communities such as Stack Overflow and GitHub.