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public abstract class UartDeviceDriver
extends UartDevice


UART user driver. A UartDeviceDriver must implement all UART functions, but additionally this class provides an open() function that will be called whenever a process obtains ownership of the UART, to match the existing close() function.


Inherited constants

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Public constructors


Public methods

abstract void close()

Closes the UART.

abstract void open()

Opens the UART.

Inherited methods

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From class java.lang.Object
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From interface java.lang.AutoCloseable

Public constructors


UartDeviceDriver ()

Public methods


void close ()

Closes the UART. This will be called when the UART is closed by its owner. Any resources that need to be cleaned up should be done so here. This method may throw IOException to indicate I/O failure, but will still be considered closed and may attempt to be re-opened in the future.

IOException on I/O failure; the driver will still be considered closed.


void open ()

Opens the UART. This will be called when ownership of a UART is obtained. The driver should do any initialization needed to configure the UART for use here.

IOException on I/O failure; the driver will remain closed.
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