The Android Things console is no longer accepting new projects, and will be turned down for all existing projects on January 5, 2022. For more details, visit the FAQ page.

Google services

Google APIs for Android (Play Services)

Android Things supports a subset of the Google APIs for Android. The following table breaks down API support in Android Things:

Supported APIs Unavailable APIs
Google Analytics for Firebase
Firebase Authentication1
Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
Firebase Crashlytics
Firebase Realtime Database
Firebase Remote Config
Firebase Storage
Cloud Firestore
Instance ID
Nearby Connections
Nearby Messages2
Mobile Vision
Google AdMob
Google Pay
Firebase App Indexing
Firebase Dynamic Links
Firebase Invites
Firebase Notifications
Play Games

1. Does not include the open source FirebaseUI Auth component.
2. Does not include modes which require the user content dialog.

Each release of Android Things bundles the latest stable version of Google Play Services, and requires at least version 11.0.0 of the client SDK. Android Things does not include the Google Play Store, which is responsible for automatically updating Play Services on the device. Because the Play Services version on the device is static, apps cannot target a client SDK greater than the version bundled with the target release.

Cloud IoT Core

Cloud IoT Core is a fully managed service on Google Cloud Platform that allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from millions of globally dispersed devices. Android Things is designed to support everything from collecting telemetry data to powerful computer vision, audio processing, and machine learning applications, all on device, and using Cloud IoT Core, push your data into Google Cloud Platform for further analysis.

Cloud IoT Core

The Cloud IoT Core client library was designed to enable Android Things developers to get started with just a few lines of code. The client library handles the networking, threading, and message handling, implementing best practices for authentication, security, error handling, and offline operation. See the sample code and reference documentation for more information.


TensorFlow Lite is TensorFlow’s lightweight solution for mobile and embedded devices. It enables on-device machine learning inference with low latency and a small binary size. See the Android Things TensorFlow Lite sample code for more information.