Prototyping devices overview

The following table provides a rough guideline of the major steps involved in building a prototype with a developer kit and taking it to production.

Stage Prototype Product Verification Production
Proof of concept Working prototype Engineering validation test (EVT) Design Validation Test (DVT) Production Validation test (PVT) Mass market
Goals Small test runs of key product concepts Validate form factor Final adjustments Testing the production line Sell through stores
Materials Reference board, 3D printed parts, soft tooled parts (20-100 units) Custom board, soft tooled (100-1000 units) Hard tooled, made on product line (300-2000 units) Made on production line (1k-20k units) Made on production line

The topics in this section focus on building an early proof-of-concept and prototype. There are other major considerations when going to product developement:

  • Business plan (such as financial, operations, marketing and sales, and post-sales support plans)
  • User insights/research and product requirements (such as features, priorities, user studies, and UX)
  • Industrial design (such as 3D casing, PCB design, component placement)
  • Final production workflows