The Android Things console is no longer accepting new projects, and will be turned down for all existing projects on January 5, 2022. For more details, visit the FAQ page.

Push an update for an Android Things product

The RELEASE tab in the Android Things Console allows you to view and push over-the-air (OTA) software updates to devices.

If you are not already on this tab, open the Android Things Console, click a product model for which you previously created a device build, and click the RELEASE tab.

Select an update channel

To push a software update for your products, you need to determine which update channel on which to push the update. There are four standard channels for every product:

  • Canary (canary-channel)
  • Development (dev-channel)
  • Beta (beta-channel)
  • Stable (stable-channel)

These channels are non-editable (but you can create your own custom channels).

Standard channels

By default, all devices are subscribed to the Stable channel (stable-channel). To subscribe a device to a different channel, see Configuring the update channel. A device can only be subscribed to one channel. The channel setting persists after a factory reset or device reboot.

Click a channel in the table to start a new update.

Start an update


  2. In the table, select a build configuration created from the BUILD tab.

    Update a

  3. Select the percentage of devices that will receive the update. Devices are selected at random.

    Rollout options

  4. Click PUSH BUILD. Verify that the information is correct.

  5. Click PUSH. The update will be pushed to the devices; it can take several hours for all (as defined by the rollout percentage) of the devices to be updated. You can view the rollout status, including the number of devices that have been updated, in the Current build table.

    View current

  6. If you need to stop a push in progress, click STOP PUSH.

    Update actions

How software updates work

The following sequence describes the update process:

  1. After you push an update, the new version becomes ready for download.
  2. The device update APIs allow an application to control and monitor applying software updates to the device.
  3. The device downloads the update and installs it to one of the A/B partitions.
  4. The device reboots to the new version.

Automatic updates

With automatic updates enabled on a channel (Auto-update OS toggle enabled), the console automatically generates new builds and pushes them via OTA to all devices on that channel. Automatic updates only apply to security updates and minor version updates. Devices will not be automatically updated to the next major version beyond the current one. All builds created in this fashion are designated in the build list with Autoupdate.

This flag is on by default.

The auto-update process is as follows:

  1. Upon release, no devices are auto-updated. You can update your devices manually if you wish.
  2. 7 days after release, 10% of devices receive the auto-update build.
  3. 14 days after release, 100% of devices receive the auto-update build.

Create a custom update channel

You can create your own custom update channels for devices. Click CREATE NEW CHANNEL and give it a name. Select the channel to start a new update (see the Start an update section for more information).