TinyCo finds monetization opportunities on tablets


App developer TinyCo, makers of a suite of games such as Tiny Monsters, decided to prioritize launching effectively across multiple platforms. They chose Android as one of their primary launch platforms because of its large installed base and global reach. They also knew that the growing base of Android tablet users represented a huge opportunity.

What they did

Tiny Village, a game targeting 7- to 10-inch tablets and phones, was their first title to take advantage of the strategy, and it proved to be a winning one — especially in terms of Android tablets.


Tiny Village monetized better on tablets

In the six months from launch TinyCo saw Android tablet downloads more than triple.

When used on tablets Tiny Village also showed an increase in average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) — about 35% higher than on smaller-screen devices such as phones. Additionally, average revenue per user (ARPU) is now about 35% higher as well. “The game is just much more immersive on tablets,” said Rajeev Nagpal, Head of Product at TinyCo.

There has also been a consistent increase in retention over other platforms, an important metric for games according to Nagpal.

“With continued optimization of the gameplay experience and a genuine commitment to our Android offering through our Griffin engine, all of our metrics started to rise,” said Nagpal.

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