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Tapps Games Increases Installs by More Than 20% with Store Listing Experiments


Tapps is a mobile game publisher in São Paulo, Brazil. With a mission of creating fun for everyone, Tapps has a portfolio of over 200 titles on the Google Play Store, with roughly 70% of their installs coming from Android. Store listing experiments have provided invaluable metrics to help their growing team understand what makes the most effective product listings.

What they did

Tapps has increased their use of store listing experiments in the Developer Console. They recently expanded their marketing team to allocate greater time and designated resources to the Play Console tools. "We can’t stress enough how much value the store listing experiments have brought us over the past months. Right now, our marketing team has a substantial time allocated to these tests every week," said Felipe Watanabe, head of marketing at Tapps. With icons and screenshots, Tapps tested variations in color, character positioning, and the overall amount of graphic detail. In the description tests, they found that shorter messages with clear calls to action and appropriate language localizations were most successful.


By frequently conducting store listing experiments, Tapps gained valuable insights that they have applied across their greater portfolio of games. Results showed that shortening messaging, using contrasting colors, reordering screenshots, and simplifying graphics often led to variant results representing an average increase in performance between 5% and 50%. After making changes based on the test results, Tapps saw install rates increase beyond 20-30%.

Screen tests

The following table compares the install rates for three apps based on changes to each app's screenshot.

Table 1. Screen test results

Original Variant Variant results

Icon tests

The following tables compare install rates for three apps based on changes to each app's icon.

Table 2. Icon 1 test results

Original Variant 1 Variant 2
--- -29.6% +20.8%

Table 3. Icon 2 test results

Original Variant 1 Variant 2
--- +5.1% +19.7%

Table 4. Icon 3 test results

Original Variant 1 Variant 2
--- -17.7% +50.7%

Description tests

The following table compares install rates for three apps based on changes to each app's description text.

Table 5. Description test results

Game Original Variant Variant results
Logic Pic "Use logic to solve fun puzzles and discover hidden pictures! Logic Pic is free!" "Discover all the hidden pictures in this challenging classic japanese puzzle!" +10.7%
Candy Hills "What will your candy park look like? Build it now in Candy Hills!" "Build your own sweet candy park in Candy Hills!" +8.2%
Villains Corp. "Be a real villain and CONQUER THE WORLD!" "Mwahahaha! Be a real villain and CONQUER THE WORLD!" +6.8%

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