Segundamano develops Android-first as its fastest channel for growth


Segundamano is a leading shopping application in Mexico for second-hand products. They started by placing classified ads in newspapers, progressed to desktop, and over the past year have seen significant growth in mobile, which now accounts for 70% of their business. They have also seen 270% year-over-year growth on the Android platform alone.

What they did

Segundamano shifted focus to mobile with their Android app because of the high potential for growth. From July 2015 to January 2016, they saw an increase of 55% in the number of classified ads on Android, higher than any other platform. To leverage this momentum, Segundamano implemented two new features on Android: premium offers and push notifications. Segundamano also decided to implement material design in order to improve the in-app experience and streamline the sales process for users.


Following Segundamano’s enhancements to the user experience, they've seen an increase in their star rating, a 4.7% lift in monthly active users, and a 7% increase in sales of premium listings. Additionally, year-to-date, their installs are over seven times higher on Android than on other platforms.

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Learn more about simplifying your in-app experience with Notifications and the material design guidelines.