Remember The Milk lifts installs with tablet design


When the Android tablet guidelines came out, the team at Remember The Milk had already been thinking about a redesign for Remember The Milk their feature-packed to-do list app; never forget the milk (or anything else) again.

What they did

“We took this as an opportunity to think about how we were going to approach Android tablets differently from a user experience perspective,” says Omar Kilani, Co-founder of Remember The Milk. “The guidelines were a helpful resource, and with the extra screen real estate tablets afford, users have the opportunity to see all of their data in context and drill down on more items."


Tablet version of Remember The Milk

In addition to the basic changes to bring the app to tablets, the team also came out with a number of other goodies — including a new set of widgets and richer notifications, and more ways to provide an immersive experience for their users. And importantly, following the guidelines meant they could deliver a single APK for phones and tablets.

Following the update of the Android app, in part to meet the tablet design criteria, Remember The Milk saw an 83% increase in tablet installs. They also noted that Nexus 7 was theat most popular Android device for the app.

Omar Kilani, concludesd that “For us, designing for tablets was an investment that has really paid off.”

Get started

Find out more about creating a tablet version of your app by reviewing the Tablet App Quality guidelines and growing your user base.