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Noom Grows International Revenue by 80% Through Localization on Google Play


With a mission to help people live healthier lives, Noom guides their users through behavior change programs to create lifestyle habits and target global health challenges. Available first on Google Play, Noom has achieved success through expanding into more international markets, taking advantage of Android’s global reach.

What they did

Launching first in the US, Noom created a series of programs tailored to their users’ specific health goals. Key to their approach is offering a holistic solution, including simple personalized tasks, progress tracking, meal feedback, and support from both personal coaches and peers. The team has a strategic approach to expanding their user base globally. Noom localized their app to better connect with users in the following areas:

Figure 1. German Play Store listing page, Japanese meal plan, and Korean recipes


"Android's global focus and great localization tooling made the decision to go global much easier. Localization to new markets has been a consistent growth driver at Noom," said Artem Petakov, co-founder and President at Noom.

Over the last three years, Noom’s localization efforts led to an 80% increase in international revenue growth on Android. In Japan alone, revenue increased more than 480% during the same time period. To identify future expansion opportunities, the team looks towards countries with strong Android penetration and install growth using the English product and plans to apply their localization methods to achieve even greater success.

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