Lifesum doubles retention of Google Fit users following integration on Android


Lifesum is a health and fitness app from Sweden that was launched on Android in 2012. Since then, the app has had more than five million installs on Android, and Lifesum collaborated with Google for the launch of Google Fit in 2014. Google Fit soon became a key component of user activity outside the app and has enabled Lifesum to scale partner integrations, accelerate development cycle, and increase user satisfaction and engagement.

What they did

Lifesum integrated Google Fit APIs to gather more insightful data, leading to a shift in focus from simply gathering large amounts of user data to actual analysis of it. Google Fit has also made direct integrations with partners much easier to scale and sometimes even unnecessary, and has largely reduced app development time. Lifesum used findings from the integration to launch their second app, Movesum, a step-counter app that imports steps and calories and displays the information in a fun way. Thanks to the integration, the app was developed in just two weeks.


Lifesum’s users now actively request integration with Google Fit, resulting in an improvement in the app's ratings and reviews on the Google Play store. Engagement is also much higher for Google Fit-connected users, whose retention rate is twice that of other Android users. User retention on Android is 5-10% better than on other platforms.

Joakim Hammer, Android developer at Lifesum, says "Google Fit is our infrastructure for integrating with other apps. It's great for the user as it increases the trustworthiness of the data. Personally, it’s been a great experience leading the integration. The implementation was fast and easy, and it has helped us with everything from product development and user engagement, to partnerships."

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