Mint finds more screen real estate gives more engagement


Intuit wanted to expand their Personal Finance offering for mobile by including a version optimized for Android tablets. However, they knew that taking the layout that worked for phones and simply showing an enlarged version wouldn’t take full advantage of the opportunities that tablets afford.

What they did

Following the Tablet Quality guidelines, the Intuit team updated Mint to target 7- to 10-inch tablets, in addition to phones. “We knew we had a lot more real estate, and we wanted to provide a more immersive experience for our users” said Ken Sun, Intuit Group Product Manager for Mint.


Mint used the extra screen area on tablets to offer quick access to additional tools and information

Intuit’s Mint app, which has a 4-star rating on Google Play, brings a number of features to Android tablets that aren’t available for phones. These include a more visual presentation of personal financial data: a change that has contributed to much higher user engagement.

For example, 50 percent more Android tablet users have Mint sessions of five minutes or longer than they do on phones.

Intuit also noted that customer budget operations (view, edit, drill-down, and others) are seven times higher on Android tablets than they are on phones.

Ken noted that “We’ve found that phone usage is indicative of a customer’s regular financial check-in, while tablet usage points towards more analysis and interaction with that customer’s personal financial data. This is the sort of immersive engagement experience we were looking for; the tablet and phone apps serve as great complements to each other."

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