Cringle grows conversion rate by 50% with in-app A/B testing


Cringle is a finance app from Germany and was launched on Android in 2014. Since then, Cringle has been constantly testing and iterating its UX and UI, in its aim to simplify money transfers between people.

What did they do

The main challenge for most finance apps is the user registration process in order to be able to transfer money. Cringle ran extensive A/B tests to try refine this process, focusing on the most critical point in the chain - entering the bank account information. At this point, they experimented with two different versions; in version A the user was asked for her bank account details just before making the first transaction, while in variant B the information was required during the registration process. Additionally, they ran a second A/B test, focusing on testing the willingness to try Cringle’s new bank account registration method called ‘Cringle Connect’. This feature allows users to login using their online banking credentials and retrieves their bank account information automatically while also verifying it simultaneously. The second variant involved manually entering the IBAN details and the account holder name. This variant involved an additional step, consisting of receiving and entering a 6-digit verification code in the app.

[The first A/B test requesting bank account information at various points in the app]

[The second A/B test comparing ‘Cringle Connect’ with the manual IBAN method]


The two A/B tests provided some surprising results: users preferred adding their bank account information during the initial registration process rather than before their first transaction. Also, 70% of users showed a clear preference for ‘Cringle Connect’. Additionally, these users displayed increased willingness to make a first transaction. With these findings, Cringle decided to offer both input options to their users, with the Cringle Connect option as default and manual IBAN input as an alternative. As a result of the new registration flow, the full account creation process has been reduced to less than 60 seconds.

The new registration flow led to a 50% increase in new user registrations, and the % of app installs leading to a successfully registered user grew from 38% to 57%.

Cringle commented that: "These A/B tests taught us an important lesson : gut feeling might not always be the best way to go about making product decisions. After these experiments we’ve decided to make them a permanent component of our product development." – Konrad Maruszewski, Co-Founder

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