Aftenposten improves retention by allowing readers to customize notifications


Aftenposten is one of the largest newspapers in Norway. Their news app was released on Android in 2013.

Aftenposten found that sending too many notifications, with no user control over the default on setting or differentiation between general and breaking news, caused many people to uninstall their app. They changed the user controls for notifications and used the native Android share button in the app, which reduced user uninstalls.

What they did

Aftenposten created a new onboarding flow that explained what notifications were available, allowing readers to manage their preferences and customize up to three topics. They also changed their custom share icon for the native Android app.


The results showed that with the new notifications management onboarding screen, uninstalls decreased by 9.2% over 60 days. And with the option to customize notifications, 51% of readers decided to keep two out of three topics turned on. This led to a 28% decrease over 60 days in the number of users muting notifications completely. It also provided insight into users’ content preferences, with Sport being the least-favored notification.

Aftenposten also increased share interactions by 17% just by replacing their custom share icon with the native Android share icon.

Aftenposten commented that: Many of our users who see the onboarding screen interact with it by turning off at least one notification topic. This means that users are accepting push from one or more topics, instead of turning it off completely. Moreover, readers are sharing more articles since we added the standard share Android icon.

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