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Release Notes for Older SDK Versions

Note: These are the release notes for the "early-look" SDK versions, released before the full Android 1.0 release in September 2008. Release notes for the Android 1.0 and later SDK versions are provided in the main Release Notes document.

Android 0.9 SDK Beta (r1)

This beta SDK release contains a large number of bug fixes and improvements from the early-look SDKs.  The sections below describe the highlights of the release.

New Features and Notable Changes

Behavior and System Changes

Significant API Changes

Maps & Location

ADT Plugin for Eclipse

The ADT Plugin that accompanies this SDK includes a preview of the Graphical Layout Editor. Files located in <project>/res/layout[-qualifiers]/ will be opened with the new layout editor. This is very much a work in progress, and provided here for preview purpose. The editor feature is subject to change.

Known issues/limitations for Graphical Layout Editor include:

Other ADT features/notes include:

Ant Build Tools


Other Development Tools

The SDK includes several new development tools, such as

Application Signing

Sample Code

Removed Functionality


Resolved Issues

The list below is not comprehensive, but instead highlights the most interesting fixes since the last SDK release.

Known Issues

Version m5-rc15

New Features

m5-rc15 does not introduce any new features.

Resolved Issues

Known Issues

Unless otherwise noted, Known Issues from m5-rc14 also apply to m5-rc15.

Version m5-rc14

New Features

In addition to changes in the Android APIs, m5-rc14 also introduces changes to the Android Developer Tools:






Resolved Issues

The following Known Issues from m3-rc20 have been resolved:

Known Issues

The following are known issues in m5-rc14:

Unless otherwise noted, Known Issues from m3-rc20a also apply to m5-rc14.

Version m3-rc37a

Version m3-rc37a and ADT 0.3.3 were released on December 14, 2007.

New Features

Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

ADT Plugin for Eclipse

Emulator Console


Resolved Issues


adb -version now returns a version number.


Audio on Windows is fixed and is no longer 'choppy'.

Removed Manifest File Locking on Mac OS X

ADT plugin now uses a custom java editor for, to make those files non-editable. This is to replace the current locking mechanism which causes issues on Mac OS (preventing projects from being deleted). Note that your project must recompile at least once for the lock to be removed from the files.

The following known issues noted in m3-rc20 are now fixed:

Known Issues

Unless otherwise noted, Known Issues from m3-rc22a also apply to m3-rc37a.

Version m3-rc22a

Version m3-rc22a and ADT 0.3.1 were released on November 16, 2007.

Resolved Issues


The New Android Project wizard provided by ADT 0.3.1 now properly displays error messages when used with Eclipse 3.2 on Windows.


The AndroidManifest.xml files generated by ADT 0.3.1 now include the XML element required for displaying the associated app in the "Applications" menu. If you have applications created with ADT 0.3.0, simply ensure that your AndroidManifest.xml file contains the following highlighted line:

        <action android:value="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
        <category android:value="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />


ADT 0.3.1 is now compatible with Eclipse 3.4.


Fixes a NullPointerException that is thrown in certain situations with the DDMS perspective in Eclipse.


Address a keyboard lock-up issue when using adb on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Known Issues

Unless otherwise noted, known issues from m3-rc20a also apply to m3-rc22a.

Version m3-rc20a

Known Issues

The following are known issues in m3-rc20a:

778432 - Resolved in m5

In certain circumstances, icons for newly installed applications do not display as expected.

890937 - Resolved in m3-rc37a

The emulator currently does not support non-QWERTY keyboards.

894618 - Resolved in m3-rc37a

The adb shell command may fail to connect when used for the first time.

896274 - Resolved in m5

On Windows, the emulator screen will sometimes show up off-screen when it is started. The workaround for this is to right-click on the emulator taskbar entry, select Move, and move the window using keyboard arrow keys

899949 - Resolved in m3-rc37a

The emulator may fail to start when using the -useaudio in some environments

901122 - Resolved in m5

The focus ring shown in the browser may sometimes not properly wrap links.

905242 - Resolved in m5

On Mac OS X 10.5, the Eclipse plugin's Run Dialog may sometimes fail to show the option to select the Android Launcher.

905852 - Resolved in m5

On Mac OS X 10.5, adb will emit warnings about deprecated API use when first used.

912168 - Resolved in m5

extremely rapid or prolonged scrolling in the Maps application or in a MapView will result in application errors.

912619 - Resolved in m3-rc37a

The emulator console listens for connections on ports 5554-5587. Future versions will only accept connections from localhost. It is recommend that you use a firewall to block external connections to those ports on your development machine.


On Mac OS X 10.4, the emulator may hang if started in the background (i.e. ./emulator &).


On Mac OS X 10.5, the emulator will emit warnings about deprecated API use when started from the command line.

917247 - Resolved in m5

The dmtracedump and traceview tools are not available in the SDK.

917399 - Resolved in m3-rc37a

On Windows, running multiple emulator consoles can result in unexpected behavior when simulating incoming telephone calls.

917465 - Resolved in m5

Unanswered incoming calls placed from the emulator console, will result in an unfinished call UI if you press the call back button.

917572 - Resolved in m5

Using activityCreator with the --ide intellij option creates IntelliJ scripts with incorrect documentation location specified. To correct, change value for the <JAVADOC> element in the generated .ipr file from file://.../docs/framework to file://.../docs/reference.


On Ubuntu 7.10 (Gusty), the Eclipse package installed by the apt-get install eclipse command uses java-gcj by default. This configuration is not compatible with the Android Eclipse plugin (ADT) and will result in "Class not found" errors whenever you access an ADT feature.

The resolution for this issue is to install a Sun JDK

sudo update-java-alternatives --jre java-1.5.0-sun

and then configure Eclipse to use it by exporting the following environment variable:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun

or by adding following to your .eclipse/eclipserc file:

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