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enum class FocusDetailedState
   ↳ kotlin.Enum<androidx.ui.focus.FocusDetailedState>
   ↳ androidx.ui.focus.FocusDetailedState

Different states of the focus system. These are the detailed states used by the Focus Nodes. If you need higher level states, eg Focused or NotFocused, use the states in FocusState.

Active: The focusable component is currently active (i.e. it receives key events). ActiveParent : One of the descendants of the focusable component is Active. Captured: The focusable component is currently active (has focus), and is in a state where it does not want to give up focus. (Eg. a text field with an invalid phone number). Disabled: The focusable component is not currently focusable. (eg. A disabled button). Inactive: The focusable component does not receive any key events. (ie it is not active, nor are any of its descendants active).


Enum values

Extension functions

From androidx.ui.focus

Converts a FocusDetailedState to a FocusState.

Inherited extension functions

From androidx.compose
operator T

IMPORTANT: This global operator is TEMPORARY, and should be removed whenever an answer for contextual composers is reached.

Enum values


enum val Active : FocusDetailedState


enum val ActiveParent : FocusDetailedState


enum val Captured : FocusDetailedState


enum val Disabled : FocusDetailedState


enum val Inactive : FocusDetailedState