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interface InfiniteAnimationPolicy : Element

Provides a policy that will be applied to animations that get their frame time from withInfiniteAnimationFrameNanos or withInfiniteAnimationFrameMillis. This can be used to intervene in infinite animations to make them finite, for example by cancelling such coroutines.

By default no policy is installed, except in instrumented tests that use androidx.compose.ui.test.junit4.ComposeTestRule.


Nested classes

Public methods
abstract suspend R
onInfiniteOperation(block: suspend () -> R)

Call this to apply the policy on the given suspending block.

open Key<*>

Public methods


abstract suspend fun <R> onInfiniteOperation(block: suspend () -> R): R

Call this to apply the policy on the given suspending block. Execution of the block is determined by the policy implementation. For example, a test policy could decide not to run the block, or trace its execution.

The block is intended to be part of and will therefore be treated as an infinite animation, one that after returning from onInfiniteOperation will call it again. If the block is not part of an infinite animation, the policy will still be applied.



open val key: Key<*>