Contains the Wallet Client for Google Play services.


LineItem.Role Role of a line item. 
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Status Status received from processing a ProxyCard
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Status.Error Failure statuses received from processing a ProxyCard


Address Parcelable representing an address. 
Cart Parcelable representing a shopping cart. 
Cart.Builder Builder to create a Cart
CountrySpecification Parcelable representing a country. 
EnableWalletOptimizationReceiver A dummy BroadcastReceiver used with an IntentFilter specifying action ACTION_ENABLE_WALLET_OPTIMIZATION to signal that your application uses Wallet. 
FullWallet Parcelable representing a full wallet response. 
FullWalletRequest Parcelable representing a full wallet request. 
FullWalletRequest.Builder Builder to create a FullWalletRequest
InstrumentInfo Parcelable representing more detailed information about a payment instrument. 
LineItem Parcelable representing a line item in a shopping cart. 
LineItem.Builder Builder to create a LineItem
LoyaltyWalletObject Parcelable representing a loyalty wallet object. 
MaskedWallet Parcelable representing a masked wallet response. 
MaskedWalletRequest Parcelable representing a masked wallet request. 
MaskedWalletRequest.Builder Builder to create a MaskedWalletRequest
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest Parcelable representing a notify transaction status request. 
NotifyTransactionStatusRequest.Builder Builder to create a NotifyTransactionStatusRequest
OfferWalletObject Parcelable representing an offer wallet object. 
ProxyCard Parcelable representing a credit card. 
Wallet The main entry point for Google Wallet integration. 
Wallet.WalletOptions Options for using the Wallet API. 
WalletClient This class is deprecated. Use GoogleApiClient and Wallet instead.  
WalletConstants Collection of constant values used by the ClientLibrary.