Contains the Google Maps Android API model classes.


TileProvider An interface for a class that provides the tile images for a TileOverlay


BitmapDescriptor Defines an image. 
BitmapDescriptorFactory Used to create a definition of an image, used for marker icons and ground overlays. 
CameraPosition An immutable class that aggregates all camera position parameters. 
CameraPosition.Builder Builds camera position. 
Circle A circle on the earth's surface (spherical cap). 
CircleOptions Defines options for a Circle
GroundOverlay A ground overlay is an image that is fixed to a map. 
GroundOverlayOptions Defines options for a ground overlay. 
LatLng An immutable class representing a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates, stored as degrees. 
LatLngBounds An immutable class representing a latitude/longitude aligned rectangle. 
LatLngBounds.Builder This is a builder that is able to create a minimum bound based on a set of LatLng points. 
Marker An icon placed at a particular point on the map's surface. 
MarkerOptions Defines MarkerOptions for a marker. 
Polygon A polygon on the earth's surface. 
PolygonOptions Defines options for a polygon. 
Polyline A polyline is a list of points, where line segments are drawn between consecutive points. 
PolylineOptions Defines options for a polyline. 
Tile Contains information about a Tile that is returned by a TileProvider
TileOverlay A Tile Overlay is a set of images which are displayed on top of the base map tiles. 
TileOverlayOptions Defines options for a TileOverlay. 
UrlTileProvider A partial implementation of TileProvider that only requires a URL that points to an image to be provided. 
VisibleRegion Contains the four points defining the four-sided polygon that is visible in a map's camera. 


RuntimeRemoteException A RuntimeException wrapper for RemoteException.