ActivityRecognitionApi The main entry point for interacting with activity recognition. 
FusedLocationProviderApi The main entry point for interacting with the fused location provider. 
Geofence Represents a geographical region, also known as a geofence. 
GeofencingApi The main entry point for interacting with the geofencing APIs. 
LocationListener Used for receiving notifications from the FusedLocationProviderApi when the location has changed. 


ActivityRecognition The main entry point for activity recognition integration. 
ActivityRecognitionResult Result of an activity recognition. 
DetectedActivity The detected activity of the device with an an associated confidence. 
Geofence.Builder A builder that builds Geofence
GeofenceStatusCodes Geofence specific status codes, for use in getStatusCode()  
GeofencingEvent Represents an event from the GeofencingApi API. 
GeofencingRequest Specifies the list of geofences to be monitored and how the geofence notifications should be reported. 
GeofencingRequest.Builder A builder that builds GeofencingRequest
LocationRequest A data object that contains quality of service parameters for requests to the FusedLocationProviderApi
LocationServices The main entry point for location services integration. 
LocationStatusCodes This class is deprecated. Use GeofenceStatusCodes.