Contains the games client class.


Game Data interface for retrieving game information. 
GamesMetadata Entry point for game metadata functionality. 
GamesMetadata.LoadGamesResult Result delivered when game metadata has been loaded. 
Notifications Entry point for notifications functionality. 
Player Data interface for retrieving player information. 
Players Entry point for player functionality. 
Players.LoadPlayersResult Result delivered when player data has been loaded. 
Players.LoadProfileSettingsResult Result delivered when the profile settings of the signed-in player have been loaded. 


GameBuffer Data structure providing access to a list of games. 
GameEntity Data object representing a set of Game data. 
Games Main entry point for the Games APIs. 
Games.GamesOptions API configuration parameters for Games. 
GamesActivityResultCodes Result codes that can be set as result in Activities from the Client UI started with startActivityForResult(Intent, int)
GamesStatusCodes Status codes for Games results. 
PageDirection Direction constants for pagination over data sets. 
PlayerBuffer Data structure providing access to a list of players. 
PlayerEntity Data object representing a set of Player data. 
PlayerLevel Data object representing a level a player can obtain in the metagame. 
PlayerLevelInfo Data object representing the current level information of a player in the metagame.