public static interface MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController.OnDynamicRoutesChangedListener

Used to notify media router each route's property changes regarding this MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController instance.

Here are some examples when this notification is called :

  • a route is newly turned on and it can be grouped with this dynamic group route.
  • a route is selecting as a member of this dynamic group route.
  • a route is selected as a member of this dynamic group route.
  • a route is unselecting.
  • a route is unselected.
  • a route is turned off.


Public methods

abstract void onRoutesChanged(MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController controller, Collection<MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController.DynamicRouteDescriptor> routes)

Public methods


public abstract void onRoutesChanged (MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController controller, 
                Collection<MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController.DynamicRouteDescriptor> routes)

controller MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController: the MediaRouteProvider.DynamicGroupRouteController which keeps this listener.

routes Collection: the collection of routes contains selected routes (can be unselectable or not) and unselected routes (can be groupable or transferable or not).