DayNightStyle Specifies how the system UI should respond to day/night mode events. 
PagedListView.Gutter The possible values for @{link #setGutter}. 


IAlphaJumpAdapter An interface that you can implement on your Adapter to enable support for Alpha-Jump. 
IAlphaJumpAdapter.Bucket A bucket represents a "button" in the alpha-jump menu. 
ListItem.ViewBinder<VH> Functional interface to provide a way to interact with views in ViewHolder
PagedListView.DividerVisibilityManager Interface for controlling visibility of item dividers for individual items based on the item's position. 
PagedListView.ItemCap Interface for a RecyclerView.Adapter to cap the number of items. 
PagedListView.ItemPositionOffset Interface for a RecyclerView.Adapter to set the position offset for the adapter to load the data. 
PagedScrollBarView.PaginationListener Listener for when the list should paginate. 


ActionBar An actions panel with three distinctive zones:
  • Main control: located in the bottom center it shows a highlighted icon and a circular progress bar. 
AlphaJumpBucketer A helper class for building the list of buckets for alpha jump. 
AlphaJumpBucketer.Bucket A basic implementation of IAlphaJumpAdapter.Bucket
AlphaJumpOverlayView This view shows a grid of alphabetic letters that you can tap on to advance a list to the beginning of that list. 
ColumnCardView A CardView whose width can be specified by the number of columns that it will span. 
ListItem<VH extends ListItem.ViewHolder> Definition of items that can be inserted into ListItemAdapter
ListItem.ViewHolder ViewHolder that supports ListItem.ViewBinder
ListItemAdapter Adapter for PagedListView to display ListItem
ListItemAdapter.BackgroundStyle Constant class for background style of items. 
ListItemProvider<VH extends ListItem.ViewHolder> Supplies data as ListItem
ListItemProvider.ListProvider<VH extends ListItem.ViewHolder> A simple provider that wraps around a list. 
PagedListView View that wraps a RecyclerView and a scroll bar that has page up and down arrows. 
PagedListView.OnScrollListener Used to listen for PagedListView scroll events. 
PagedScrollBarView A custom view to provide list scroll behaviour -- up/down buttons and scroll indicator. 
PagedSmoothScroller Custom LinearSmoothScroller that has:
  • Custom control over the speed of scrolls. 
PagedSnapHelper Extension of a LinearSnapHelper that will snap to the start of the target child view to the start of the attached RecyclerView
SeekbarListItem Class to build a list item with SeekBar
SeekbarListItem.ViewHolder Holds views of SeekbarListItem. 
SubheaderListItem Class to build a sub-header list item. 
SubheaderListItem.ViewHolder Holds views of SubHeaderListItem. 
TextListItem Class to build a list item of text. 
TextListItem.ViewHolder Holds views of TextListItem.