DayNightStyle Specifies how the system UI should respond to day/night mode events. 
PagedListView.Gutter The possible values for @{link #setGutter}. 


IAlphaJumpAdapter An interface that you can implement on your Adapter to enable support for Alpha-Jump. 
IAlphaJumpAdapter.Bucket A bucket represents a "button" in the alpha-jump menu. 
ListItem.ViewBinder<VH> Functional interface to provide a way to interact with views in ViewHolder
PagedListView.DividerVisibilityManager Interface for controlling visibility of item dividers for individual items based on the item's position. 
PagedListView.ItemCap Interface for a RecyclerView.Adapter to cap the number of items. 
PagedListView.ItemPositionOffset Interface for a RecyclerView.Adapter to set the position offset for the adapter to load the data. 
PagedScrollBarView.PaginationListener Listener for when the list should paginate. 


ActionBar An actions panel with three distinctive zones:
  • Main control: located in the bottom center it shows a highlighted icon and a circular progress bar. 
AlphaJumpBucketer A helper class for building the list of buckets for alpha jump. 
AlphaJumpBucketer.Bucket A basic implementation of IAlphaJumpAdapter.Bucket
AlphaJumpOverlayView This view shows a grid of alphabetic letters that you can tap on to advance a list to the beginning of that list. 
ClickThroughToolbar A toolbar that optionally supports allowing clicks on it to pass through to any underlying views. 
ColumnCardView A CardView whose width can be specified by the number of columns that it will span. 
ListItem<VH extends ListItem.ViewHolder> Definition of items that can be inserted into ListItemAdapter
ListItem.ViewHolder ViewHolder that supports ListItem.ViewBinder
ListItemAdapter Adapter for PagedListView to display ListItem
ListItemAdapter.BackgroundStyle Constant class for background style of items. 
ListItemProvider Supplies data as ListItem
ListItemProvider.ListProvider A simple provider that wraps around a list. 
PagedListView View that wraps a RecyclerView and a scroll bar that has page up and down arrows. 
PagedListView.OnScrollListener Used to listen for PagedListView scroll events. 
PagedScrollBarView A custom view to provide list scroll behaviour -- up/down buttons and scroll indicator. 
PagedSmoothScroller Custom LinearSmoothScroller that has:
  • Custom control over the speed of scrolls. 
PagedSnapHelper Extension of a LinearSnapHelper that will snap to the start of the target child view to the start of the attached RecyclerView
SeekbarListItem Class to build a list item with SeekBar
SeekbarListItem.ViewHolder Holds views of SeekbarListItem. 
SubheaderListItem Class to build a sub-header list item. 
SubheaderListItem.ViewHolder Holds views of SubHeaderListItem. 
TextListItem Class to build a list item of text. 
TextListItem.ViewHolder Holds views of TextListItem.